Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Noah's 6th grade Sports Day 2017...

Friday, September 15th. Whoever wanted to go and save a spot for the next days Sports Day was more than welcome to do so. I am happy our school with huge grounds and low population of kids and towns people, means we can actually go a day ahead to save a spot. Because that makes the day of actual Sports Day... just loads easier with the spot saved the day beforehand.  We laid the leisure sheet down and made the tent structure. And left. With the spot saved. We could all go home relax. Eat a quick and easy supper that I made in the daytime (curry is usually my go to meal to make... the day before sports day) and I could concentrate on the next days sports day obento. Also, this years sports day was a little bittersweet meaning this would be our final Sports Day at this elementary school ever ever ever. 
Hi Noah! Hi kids! Good luck all of you and have fun!!! The weather was nice and cool. Not cold. But not hot. And that was wonderful that... we didn't have a sweltering day at all. Gray and overcast the entire time. And that was really nice. Nobody beaten to death by the harsh sun rays. Phew. : )
It always cracks up my husband. Because as he always says.You see all these gorgeous Japanese faces on kids that we have known for ages. And then you see one *extremely* western faced kid in the bunch and you just know immediately...oh yep...there's Noah! LOL. : )  Hi gorgeous Noah! : )

Noah smiling and laughing with his friend. Noah has so many friends. And the one thing we always hear from teachers. When Bran was a 6th grader, this one lady was the other 6th grade teacher, she now teaches the first grade. Anyway she told Noboru during undokai prep since Noboru was in the undokai PTA, she told Noboru, "Noah is always so kind to everyone" It makes Noboru and I so happy to hear that... the 1 thing folks will remember about him, is that Noah was so kind. 

Are you ready for one of your races? You have fun out there!

The boys are in position.

On your mark, get set, go!!!

Noah running...

Aha, I spy with my eye... your big brother. Hello Bran. You're a good brother to always always always come and support your little/younger brother. Speaking of support. Uncle Jun had mentioned that he would like to come and spend his day at Noah's undokai too with my nephew. His wife/my sil is super preggars right now and recovering from a cold. So she and my niece stayed home. Which is understandable. However we were all very excited that my brother-in law and my nephew came.  

Meanwhile, you know the 3 legged race? Well this is sort of like that, except long-ways. This event is called the centipede. And lol...Noboru was chit chatting with his fellow Father's Club papa. Meanwhile looks like Noboru is about to unscrew Noah's head like a jar of pickles? @_@ What's up with that? Hahaha. : )

Okay Noah's team was winning. But only by a hair. This is clearly a lot harder than it looks. You could also hear them saying in unison...1..2...1...2.  It was hilarious watching this from the sidelines though. Hahaha. : ) 

When Noah wasn't running a race or event. I was happily busy with my nephew K. He is such a sweetie pie. He's not shy. He's a little chatter box, which I love that about him! And most importantly..he loves his auntie Gina and he thinks she's the coolest auntie ever ever ever. My brother in law has only spoken to him in English. So he's comfortable speaking in English. And see that rusty platform? My nephew was walking towards it. They have a new platform on the other side of the field. Anyway my nephew tells me..."auntie why does this look so old?" I told him, "because it's rusty. Old. And it looks very very dangerous." He told me immediately..."they should buy a new one"  Branden was walking around with us and he just started cracking up. My nephew also brought his ball with him to undokai. : ) Anyway as we walked all around the field when we got back...there were 2 boys playing on that old rusty platform. And my nephew without missing a beat told me..."auntie look, they're on's dangerous, they should get down auntie" I told K right away..."well honey they're being naughty boys right now, hopefully their parents will come find them and have them get down." My nephew told me right away in a hushed almost whispered voice..."they should go to the naughty place." I'm not sure if he meant a time out or what. Hahaha. But...again. My nephew is such a card. He's so funny. And I can talk to him forever and ever and ever. For being just 3 years old...omg his vocabulary is huge. #best nephew ever 

One of Noah's last races. They all had their serious faces on. : ) 

Time for lunch. Sorry...I forgot to take a pic as soon as I opened all the lunch stuff. Heck...I'm just glad I managed to take a pic at all. Noah came back to our tent. He was so happy to talk to his brother and cousin K. He loves cousin K. And so we were all 6 of us chattering away. Eating. Chattering away again. See that Qoo? And those grapes near cousin K? I was preparing for my nephew days in advance. I had bought 4 of those frozen drink pouches a few days beforehand kept them in the freezer. Enough for Noah, Bran and K. I made sure, I had cookies and cake, enough for 6 peoples and for seconds. Grapes and pineapple. I had Kirin straight tea, plus lemonade. I brought 3 of the mini sour cream and onion Pringles enough for the kids. Lunch was awesome. So much karaage, so much macaroni salad, potato salad, regular salad with Olive Garden dressing. So much buzz and chatter from all 6 of us. Because a typhoon was coming Sunday. The Sports Day was hurried. Meaning it usually ends around 4:30pm and everyone cleans up and so you get out of there around 5pm-ish. However, because of the typhoon coming the next day. They kept all the events. But didn't have 10-20 minutes lag between each event. This entire undokai was done by 2:20pm. And by the time clean up was done, we were all out of there by 3pm. So that was awesome. My nephew stayed the entire time. But when he left, we blew each other air kisses from across the field. As they were walking back down the hill towards their car. : ) I love my nephew so much. He's amazing. And love my BIL and SIL and niece too. They're such a fantastic family. 
I always buy my kids a treat from the 2 vendors that sell stuff. I would have bought something for my nephew but he had left about 5 minutes before we did. There is always the same person who sells french fries and another person who sells shave ice. Branden picked fries and Noah picked a shave ice. I love you Noah. I hope you felt so super loved and supported on your final Sports Day at our local elementary school. We love you! : ) 
We all went to dinner around 4pm. It's about a 50 minute drive to our nearest Jolly Pasta. Such is life for living in rural Japan...which is fine. : ) Didn't arrive until around 5pm, perfect time for dinner. We all had a fantastic celebration dinner. We all had pizzas and pasta and drink bar. The kids and I had a flight to catch to Guam the next day. Good thing, I had packed for us all on Wednesday morning. I did that...because I knew how busy I would be with picnic prep and stuff. So, I had to pack for us early. Anyway...that's Noah's 6th grade Sports Day 2017. : )