Friday, August 04, 2017

Sunday, July 23rd. Costco cart pic in Arvada, Colorado. Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits. Going to the movies to see, War for the Planet of the Apes...

Sunday, July 23rd, the breakfast buffet started at our hotel at 6:30am (daily), we were definitely one of the first 3 families downstairs. It's just because...we had jet lag. So we were up and ready to go. We went downstairs. They have many different types of cold and hot cereal and different varieties of yogurt and chocolate milk and regular milk and apple and orange juice daily, plus hot coffee. And cinnamon rolls baked daily and pancakes you can make yourself via a cool automated machine. But the main part of breakfast changes every single day. This day, they had omelet and scrambled eggs and bacon. I had a slice of toast and a fresh hot biscuit too. And a hot coffee with Irish coffee creamer first and my 2nd and final cup of hot coffee had hazel nut creamer. They had so many different flavors and variety's of coffee creamers daily, so good and totally free. 
With me being an American mom and living in Japan. There are often many things that I "need" from my country to bring back to Japan with me. What are they? Normal stuff. For everyone what *you* need... it may vary from person to person. But for me personally. I need Advil. Deodorant, tampons. coffee creamer. So for example those are my supplies that I make sure to bring back with me every year. And like I said for everyone it could be a different story...what you individually may need. What you can NOT live without, perhaps I could live without it and vice versa. Each person is what each person brings back is so super personal, ykwim? : ) Immediately after breakfast we all went upstairs to our room and we all went to the restroom and got ready to leave. Anyone have to do a last minute pee? Anyone, anyone? And off we went. The plan was to hit Costco on a Sunday, clearly we must be crazy to brave such crowds...however I know that most folks are at church in the AM and if we hit Costco as soon as it opens at 10am. We can zip in and out before it starts getting crowded which is what we did. was only about 8am-ish. So we made use of our time and hit 2 grocery stores to buy all they had in stock of their cinnamon roll coffee creamer. So we hit 2 King Soopers as soon as we left the hotel. I use 1 container of coffee cream a month. So, I knew I had to leave Denver with at least 12 containers of coffee creamer, to ensure I had a year supply. However when 1 store... only has 2 containers of coffee creamer for example. And the other has only about 7. You know you will indeed be going to a 3rd and final King Soopers after hitting Costco. So we went to 2 King Soopers. Then we parked in the Arvada Costco parking lot... which is my nearest Costco from my childhood home. And my original Costco, I always went to in the US. And as soon as the store opened we went right inside. I had a short list and scratched everything off my list. We exited the store by 10:50am.

Every single year I buy Advil at Target or Walmart or Kmart when in Guam. And they sell them in 50 tablets or even 100 tablets. And they're pricey. And I know they're tons cheaper buying at Costco. And yet... I have never ever bought Advil at Costco. I must be a complete nitwit for not buying it earlier there. @_@ And...I have mentioned this before on here. But, I am quite cheap. I will always buy store brand or brand X, when I can. However...once I bought Target brand ibuprofen and it didn't work at all. I always assumed active ingredients are the same...regardless... doesn't matter which brand it is. But one time...I had a horrible pounding booming headache and I grabbed a Target brand ibuprofen and waited for 20 minutes for it to kick Advil always does. And it never kicked in. And as you know...I only get to the US...few and far between. And yes...I was pissed off...that I brought back essentially...ineffective headache/fever reducer. For the next year. And I was lucky in that I did zip to Guam a few months afterwards and bought a small bottle of Advil. But...really.  While I do... cut corners and buy store brand when it's as good as the name brand. I will never scrimp for headache or fever reducer. Not ever. I do go to American original Costco every year. Yet I never buy Advil. Which is just nuts. This time...while I was writing my list down on a piece of paper, yes I'm old school in that I prefer a paper list, electronics can glitch out and paper lists are just safer in my opinion. I wrote under Target/Walmart...Advil. And I stopped and thought. How come I don't buy it at Costco? I went and checked the price online and saw how cheap it was. And so...I am now...very smartly buying my Advil in bulk at Costco USA now. 

360 tablets for $12.89 US. Such a bargain. First it was just Noboru and I using Advil tablets. And Bran and Noah used liquid kids ibuprofen. But when Bran became 12, we switched Bran to Advil tablets. And he uses them and they work like a charm for him. You can't use Advil until age 12. When Noah turned 12 years old, this July 7th. I told still have 2 bottles of liquid kids Advil that you will use first...since we still have it, but once that's done. No more for you. You will now Advil tablets. And he said okay. : ) He's very chill. it's peace of mind that I have 360 tablets. They won't expire until December 2019. And I'm quite happy with the deal I have. And this way...if one of my kiddos has a horrible pounding headache. No worries at all. 

96 Tampax Pearl tampons for just $9.99. You just can't get a better deal then that. That's practically a year supply right there for 1 box! Best deal ever! 

This is the best daytime facial moisturizer. I wear it under my makeup. I wear it even if I don't wear makeup. It has SPF 15. I do wear SPF 50 when I go out. But...on days that I just stay's nice knowing I am at least using some sun protection. I also have extremely sensitive skin. Meaning...if I just look at a french fry...I could break out. I have seriously sensitive skin. And this has never broken me out. And my skin is dry in the winter and it's enough moisture for me year round. 100ml for $29.99 is perfect. At Target the 50ml ones are like $24 US. much smarter to buy Olay at Costco. I have used this for years and I love this. 

My "Ride or Die" night cream for years. Olay and in a 2 pack. 

$38.99 for 2. Every morning I wake up and my skin is all plumped up and all uniform in color. I love this. 

Last year when I was in Denver...I lugged back 2 micellar waters. Garnier and Simple. I have 30% of the Garnier one left. I really like it. The Simple one, I have not even opened yet.'s sometimes a pain to grab my cotton pad...then soak said cotton pad and take off my makeup before I wash my face for real...with my wash cloth and Basis face wash. I always double cleanse. This year...I am taking an even easier route at makeup removal and using Neutrogena makeup remover wipes. All I have to do is wipe my face down. And then wash my face for real, with a hot steamy sudsy wash cloth and face wash afterwards. Couldn't be easier then that. 

$14.99...perfect price. 

Americans you already know what this is. Peeps not from America. The Olive Garden is a very delicious Italian American restaurant, it's a chain. They are super famous for their delicious salad dressing. So they started selling it. You can buy it at Walmart for like $6 for a big 24 oz bottle of it. Or you can buy it at Costco USA, where it's way cheaper. They sell it in a 2 pack. 

For only $7.49. ...$7 and some change... is amazing considering you get 2 huge bottles of it. 

Miracle Whip. For all those leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches this November. Also a steal at Costco.

Only $3.99 for 2 huge containers of Miracle Whip. So cheap. That's insane type cheap!

Costco Arvada cart pic! 2 boxes of tampons. 2 bottles of Olay daily facial moisturizer. 1 two pack of Olay night cream. Neutrogena wipes. 3 two packs of Olive Garden dressing. Yes it is THAT good! Thanksgiving salad...we have the dressing covered now. Advil. And Miracle Whip. We went in, shopped our list and left. Before it was even 11am. We were in our car by 10:50am. And the store was still pretty quiet and not very many people. Woohoo! We hit 1 final King Soopers and bought the remainder of cinnamon roll coffee creamer. Instead of getting 12. We bought 13. Figured better to have more than enough...than not enough. 

At noon, we stopped for lunch. And we each enjoyed some Popeye's. Flaky buttery biscuits, mashed potatoes and spicy gravy. Some chicken strips. Noboru picked the fish and shrimp combo. 

After lunch we decided to hit Walmart and call it a day. I only need 1 full day to shop. But, we split it up in 2 days. Because that way... we still ended each day with fun. Such as a movie or amusement park. So...yep. We hit Walmart. We were in here for about an hour. We walked every aisle. Cosmetics aisle. Food aisle. Noah bought another fidget spinner. Food to bring back to Japan.  Such as meal helpers or side dishes. After this. It was about 2:30pm. We went back to our hotel. Unloaded all our stuff. And we rested our bodies for a good hour. Laid on our beds. Noah napped for an hour. Noboru checked the movie schedule online. And we knew our movie was to start at 5pm. So we left our hotel at 4pm. And slowly drove to the movies. We made it in no time at all. by 4:15 we were parked and walking into the movies. 

Another smart move or change we made this year. Is every summer we take the kids to the movies in the US. And every year we pay full price. And every year... we also hit Costco too. This year we decided to buy our movies tickets at Costco America and that saved us about 7 or 8 dollars. We also bought our movie snacks at Walmart and I snuck them in my purse. 

These were only 80 cents a box at Walmart. Versus $2.50 each at the movies. Sorry...but it's just a smarter way to enjoy the movies.  : )

Colorado Mills movie theater here we come!!! The guy at the ticket counter was so funny. So warm. And truly such a delight. He cracked jokes. And he was a nice good kid. Sandy dark blond hair probably senior in high school. 
Hi Branden. Hi Noah!!! Ready to go and watch the new Planet of the Apes movie? 

Concession stand. For a Sunday evening it was relatively quiet. And we loved that. No huge crowds of people. 
Everyone was full from lunch still. So we bought a medium popcorn. It would have just been... less than a dollar for a large popcorn with free refills. But nobody was hungry enough to warrant us getting a large We did buy 2 medium sodas...which look like extra large sizes if you compare them to Japanese sizes. : ) 

Noboru was sitting far right, then Bran, then me and then Noah. The movie theater was so quiet and the only other family sat far away...we didn't even feel like we needed to book-end the kids. We enjoyed going to a movie not stuffed to the gills with people. How was the movie? It was so excellent. It definitely tied in the old ones from the 60's or 70's (my dad always watched the old ones on TV). I really enjoyed this movie a lot. : ) 
Planet of the Apes. 5pm and yep..told ya...7/23/17. : ) 

After the movie it was... what...after 7pm or so? Because of the sodas and the snacks. None of us were very hungry. Just a little peckish. Just a tad. Nobody was hungry enough... to want to get a full dinner at a sit down restaurant. So we didn't...we just went to Wendy's instead. And brought it back to our hotel room. We had Vitamin Waters in our room. And we watched TV and ate and then showered. 

The boys each had an adults cheeseburger. The single with cheese. They shared a large fry. They each had Vitamin Waters. And I had a chicken sandwich and a Vitamin Water.

How was our Sunday? It was awesome. We bought 13 coffee creamers (I ended up getting a few extra at other places too, so ended up with 16 total) but I had a year supply, so I was thrilled at that. Noboru bought me... my face lotions and creams. So, I should be safe now, for the year. I most definitely have a year or two supply of tampons now. So, gee whiz. I was feeling quite accomplished for a Sunday. I had picked up deodorants for us all. A year supply of Advil. About an 8 month supply or year supply of salad dressing. And an... until February supply of Miracle Whip. 2 concealers from Walmart some mascara from Walmart too. We managed to enjoy a movie too. That way we ended our day with a fun way...with a movie. And we kept the shopping for supplies part... as stress free as possible. Meaning Noboru and Bran and Noah bummed around Walmart and looked at things guys like. Such as drones and movies and TV's and whatnot. Meanwhile I felt like Santa Clause checking the list and checking it twice. Going from aisle to aisle. We all have free-wifi in store and could LINE each other in the store. So...if they needed to tell me something or I them. We could message easily. I would message Noboru, I'm ready to check out. And then he'd take the cart and check out. We'd all go and check out. : ) Costco...we all stayed together... but that's because we had a small list and were quite fast. We took breaks in between such as..for lunch to Popeye's. And an hour nap. I never want anyone to feel overwhelmed. And nobody did. Which is why I broke the shopping day... in 2 days. And kept things light.

The next post, will be the next day. Hitting Sephora. The Bath and Body Works. Walmart for 1 last time. For side dish/ meal helper stuff. And that was it. Monday's shopping was done by 2:30pm too. We also ended our Monday with a trip to the amusement park. Which the kids *absolutely* loved. That post will be for next time. : )