Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Summer Fun: Going to the movies to see Wonder Woman...

Tuesday, August 29th, all 4 of us went to the movies to go and watch Wonder Woman. It may have been out since July or so in the US. But it just was released for us in Japan, August 25th or so? So it's newly released for us here. We went and saw the one in English. How did we like the movie? We absolutely loved it. All 4 of us loved it!
Everyone got a soda and we shared a popcorn. And I also snuck in a snack for everyone. We went to the grocery store before the movies and I told everyone to pick out 1 snack/treat to take in the movies. : )

Did any of you reading, also wear Wonder Woman Underoos in the early 80's? I had 2 pair of Wonder Woman Underoos when I was a very little girl. And would pretend I was bouncing bullets off my golden wrist bands (my golden wrist cuffs I would make out of a thick strip of paper towel roll.) I was also Wonder Woman for Halloween one year. And my mom bought me a lot of the dress-up/play stuff for Wonder Woman too. So, I then had "real" gold cuffs, a golden lasso (that would force you to tell the truth) and the headband and stuff. LOL.  And I'd go around the house..."dundundundundun Wonder Woman...Wonder Woman!!!! All the World is waiting for you" I used to love that theme song to Wonder Woman! It only ran from 1975-1979 but they had that show on repeat all early 80's for us American girls and wow did we love that show growing up. Part of the theme song from the TV show. "All the World is waiting for you and the power you possess. In your satin tights. Fighting for your rights. And the old red, white and blue" You know they're talking about...the American flag. Such a lovely song for little American girls growing up. Especially since little American boys had a bazillion heroes to choose from. Like Spiderman. Batman. Superman. Captain America, etc etc. And us girls *finally* had someone who could be *our* hero. And wasn't Lynda Carter just so gorgeous and such a classy act. I also really love the new actress playing Wonder Woman too. She's gorgeous. And I was iffy about her when I first saw a glimpse of her in the movie Batman vs Superman. But after seeing this movie. I am 100% completely on board. I also loved that Lynda Carter showed up for the release of the new Wonder Woman movie. Some older/original actors can get jealous and throw shade at the new people remaking their roles. But Lynda Carter is *so* cool that she went and fully supported Gal Gadot. Which just made me respect Lynda Carter even more!