Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Summer Fun: Family backyard BBQ...

Since we have come back from Denver, Colorado. We have BBQ-ed twice. We're also going to be having another one this weekend.

As usual, our barbecues are always extremely low key. We had yakiniku beef, a ton of it, for the kids. A different type of beef for Noboru. And chicken breast and veggies for me or for whoever would like to enjoy some too. We had sauce for dipping our meat in and lettuce for wrapping our meat and rice inside. And like I said, I bought a case of fresh mango at Costco the day after we got back from America and we cut and sliced them everyday, until they were gone. Everyone in our household *loves* fresh mango. And we had 7-11 mikan shave ice for dessert. Super yum! And again super low key and simple.