Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Summer Fun: Enjoying lots of shave ice/kakigori...

One afternoon, the 4 of us, went to a super teeny tiny kakigori shop. This is like a very old school place. They only have 3 tiny tables for customers to sit at. Branden was sitting to my left, but they only make kakigori 1 at a time and mine happened to come out 3rd. But if you can see how tight and close Noah and Noboru were sitting next to one another. That's how close Branden and I were sitting next to each other too. This place is not in our town, but it's about 2 towns over and we started coming here last year. We like this place very much. This shop is owned and run by an extremely kind and friendly old woman and her husband, very nice couple. : ) 
Also, we have been making our own kakigori/shave ice at home too. We have store bought white peach, mango and lemon flavor syrups. This mango one is *so* freaking good! It's so good. : )
Since before we left to Denver. And even after we got back. We love these mikan shave ice, from 7-11. We love these *so* much!

They're not stingy with the amount of mikan you get at all! Very generous amount!!!
And this pic is of another batch. We always have a handful of these in our freezer. They're just so good. : )