Monday, August 21, 2017

Recent Costco cart pics...

Sometimes we go to Costco once a week and sometimes we go every other week. Most of the time though, we go every week.  We do go there pretty regularly. The day after we got back from America. We had to restock the house, because we made sure when we left the house to the U.S. There would be no perishables in the house. So it only makes sense, after we got back. We would have to fill the house back up with food. This pic is of the day after we got back. We went to Costco. Picked up a pack of 4 cheese pizzas for a quick lunch for the kids. A huge pack of flour tortillas. A rotisserie chicken for an easy supper that night. And a case of fresh mangoes. We hit Besia after Costco and then Japan Meat, which is a huge meat store with good quality and cheap prices. After we stocked up with plenty of fruits, veggies and meats and bread and stuff we went home. And a nice roasted chicken dinner was later that evening. Perfect for all our jet lag. A nice quick meal was very appreciated. The day after this, we had a BBQ at home. 
Another trip to Costco. They now have Kirkland brand makeup remover wipes. Granted I just bought a huge case of Neutrogena ones from Costco in Arvada, Colorado. However, sometimes things in Japan are a 1 time thing. And never to be seen again.  Plus,sometimes they "change" and alter the formula. these are the American version and were on sale. I figured, it would be a nice thing to get anyway. That way, if they do discontinue these here... or change the formula for Japan. I, at least have picked up 1 box of the original ones. 

About $9 for a case. Which is a pretty good deal. 
Cart pic from this day. A case of mugicha was under the top part of the cart. Ground beef for BBQ-ing some burgers out in the backyard and the other half of ground beef was for a fun taco night we had at home. A bunch of eggs. Some grated cheese. A big salad. Potatoes. Milk and those makeup remover wipes.  
These smell really nice. A nice light clean scent. I haven't used my Neutrogena ones yet. I am using a pack of these Kirkland ones first and then will try the Neutrogena ones next, they're all in sealed packs so I can flip flop between the 2 brands I have. And I really like these. 
And this final Costco cart pic was for some beach picnic items. Just some chips. Some fresh dinner rolls and a rotisserie chicken for some delicious rotisserie sandwiches to take to the beach the following day. Anyway...that's just some of the stuff we have picked up from Costco this month so far, I am going to Costco this week too. I'm thinking about picking up one of those huge tiramisu's. And a case of frozen waffles and a couple other things.

Anything else to add? Both Branden and Noah both go back to school September 1st. Branden finished all his high school summer homework, before we even left to Denver. Noah finished his main summer booklet they give out at our school in our town with Japanese and math before we left to Denver too. He has those daily "tweets" elementary school kids in Japan have to do daily. He does those everyday. He did his shuji already, as soon as we got back to Japan. Which is calligraphy. And he did his drawing/poster as soon as we got back to Japan too. Same for his science experiment. So both my kids are done homework-wise. Except for Noah's daily "tweets" that's... just say 1 or 2 sentences of what you did each day. For example. "Today I went to the beach" Done. Or. "Today I went to the movies" Super simple daily things, you must log everyday. I have been calling them tweets since Bran was in elementary school. I love that I call them that. And I have never heard *anyone* call them that, before me. Super cute way to call his daily update..."tweets" lol. So homework is done. Minus the daily tweets, but then...they have to be done on the daily anyway.

We've just been enjoying the rest of our summer break. Lots of family time. I made karaage last night, we had macaroni salad, a delicious garden/green salad. Rice. And we had mikan shave ice for dessert. Tonight's dinner will be ginger pork, salad, fresh corn on the cob and rice.

We've been watching good TV. The kids and I watched on American cable. Kingsman: The Secret Service. My kids love this movie and so do I. We watched Terminator 2, that was on cable the other night too. Branden and I also watched Superbad it was on later in the evening one night, Noah zonked out. Noboru was at work and it just started and we popped some popcorn and watched it. It's about high school boys. A coming of age film and super funny. We laughed *so* hard watching this. As for TV shows, 90 Day Fiance. Holy goodness. It ended for this season yesterday. Granted next week is the reunion special that I will be watching.