Thursday, July 06, 2017

The 4th of July and also Noah's Observation Day...

For the past couple years, our local elementary school has been having their summer observation day fall on the 4th of July. Granted it doesn't affect anyone else at the school. And they probably don't even realize or anything. But it's been difficult trying to celebrate the 4th of July when we have to be at the elementary school for about 80% of the day. From 12 noon until they got off school. We were there. And considering you need to get dressed and be presentable too. There's really nothing you can do...4th of July-wise. Simply because... we're out of the house most of the day. About 5 years ago, summer observation day, was on a different day. I think the 2nd week of July. But since about 3 years ago or so, it's sadly fallen on American Independence Day. Oh well, next year with Noah being in JHS next year...I will hopefully be able to do something a little more. : ) Anyway...I did make a coconut cream pie. Super easy. It was a ready made graham cracker pie crust. I used 2 of my 4 coconut cream pudding mixes. It said whisk for 2 minutes. I added the milk and whisked for 3 minutes, just to give it a little extra thickness. And I poured it into the pie crust. And wrapped it in plastic wrap in the fridge from around 8am. It sat hardening until 4pm-ish. After school let out... and we were all home and while the cream stew was boiling up a storm. I toasted some coconut. I had the whipped cream in the fridge already. I put the whipped cream down. Let the coconut cool and when it was totally cold, I sprinkled the coconut. It was a hit with my entire family. Again...I wish I could have had more make a more special meal, you know what I mean? But, honestly I was so tight on time already. So, I was pretty glad what I managed to accomplish and do. : )
A pic I took while in Noah's classroom. These 3 turtles are their class pets. The 2nd grade teacher saw them along the street 2 years ago or so. And since she's a teacher...she took them. And they have been with Noah's class for 2-3 years. All the other classes already have different types of pets. So, she brought them to Noah's class, when Noah was in the 4th grade. Yep, I think he was a 4th grader when these 3 became their pets. Oh and fwiw. They had 2 turtles homes. But according to Noah, the other turtle home cracked. : (  They're fairly inexpensive. So, I am currently thinking about buying the 6th grade class another plastic home for their turtles. : ) Oh and...the class named the 3 turtles years ago, but nobody in the class can remember what their names are. @_@  Should we call them turtle 1, turtle 2 and turtle 3? Or perhaps. Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael? LOL. : )

Bran has been getting off school all this week at 11am-ish. All high schoolers in Chiba seem to be too. So, he came with us to Noah's school observation day. The kids were giving presentations. And us parents and brother... had to walk from kid group to next kid group. It was very nice. Noah liked having 3 people show up for him. After observation day was over. I went home and quickly made the cream stew. I smartly diced up all the veggies and the 2 chicken breasts in the morning. After I made the pie. I also preset the rice cooker. So, as soon as we 4 got home. Noah quickly did his homework. Branden quickly jumped in the shower. Then Noah went to shower. Noboru was outside watering the lawn and flowers. He came in and quickly showered. And we ate. Had our coconut cream pie. Everyone pitched in to help clean up after supper. And I meanwhile took a nice hot soapy shower after the clean up. And came downstairs in my sleep tee/nightgown. We just all sorta relaxed. Gee whiz, it was a fairly busy day, but nice day. And I was also glad I had a bit of time too to let ya'll know what's up with the whole Photobucket and the blog. That way you all at least knew, what was up, ykwim. Anyway...and now that brings us to today. It's Friday. It's Tanabata. And my beautiful gorgeous Noah is 12 years old today. We 4...went out to dinner to celebrate last night. Noboru is working today, which is why we went out to eat last night. But we still celebrated as a family last night. Branden gets out at 11am-ish today again. Noah gets out at 2pm today. And I am making a special birthday meal. Chicken parmesan on top of pasta. We have that delicious handmade ice-cream cake from Nagano in the freezer. I had it delivered July 4th between 6-8pm. Noah received birthday money from grandpa (my dad) he received something awesome from us too. Plus we're leaving back to the US for vacation at the end of this month.'s going to be an awesome birthday for Noah. I will be making a birthday post for him soon. But right now...I just want to finish getting the house clean and in order, since it's Friday. I want to have a wonderful relaxing Friday with my 2 amazing sons. We will celebrate Noah to the fullest as soon as he gets home. And we all want a quiet restful weekend here at home. : ) to you all in a day or two. I'm gonna go finish the house now. And then jump in the shower. : )