Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Happy Birthday Noah!!! Noah turns 12...

Noah turned 12, July 7th. However Noboru had to work July 7th. And considering Noboru was given off like 12 days off...from work later in the month for our big, once a year vacation. We both thought...we'd better not push it... to ask for Noah's birthday off too. Ykwim. So...considering he got his vacation days off. We were pretty satisfied anyways. So...we just celebrated a day earlier than Noah's birthday. And went out to a restaurant Thursday evening instead of Friday. Noah had been deciding all week which restaurant he'd like to go to. Jolly Pasta? Cappraciossa? The Outback Steakhouse? TGI Fridays. Kua 'Aina? If it's your birthday, it's your pick. : ) And the rest of us get a free meal out of it anyways...so every one's pretty much happy whatever the pick is. Noah decided to go to the "all you can eat" Italian buffet in Inzai. So, as soon as the kids both got off school on Thursday, we went right away to the restaurant. We do live way out in the boonies, so it took us a good drive to get there. But....it was very nice. Noah was super happy with his choice. And we just enjoyed a really excellent meal. They have a "food only" plan. And the slightly pricier option is with drink bar too. And on top of that, they also have a dessert option to add too. Since it was a birthday and a special occasion. Hey...it's not any ol' day that the "baby" in our family... meaning the youngest member of our family turns 12! So yep...everyone had a most excellent dinner celebration at the "all you can eat" Italian buffet. 
My dad sent this fantastic birthday card to Noah for his birthday. Noah got such a kick out of this card. 

Oh my! : )

I bet Noah has...

Since I am an only child. And my dad only has 2 grandchildren. He enjoys spoiling them. 
You know when kids are little. Like toddler aged. It's easy to buy them Thomas train stuff. Or Spongebob stuff. Or Ultraman stuff. But when they get older, kids really aren't into toy type toys anymore. And my kids have clothes. So trying to figure out a gift can be a bit difficult. My kids have bicycles. Fidget spinners. DS games. Tablets. Cell phones. A Wii. They both have Ripstiks. So we asked Noah a month in advance, if there's anything you'd really enjoy please let us know. But even Noah couldn't think of anything. Clearly his needs have been met already. So...we asked Noah if he'd like a Google card since he does use his tablet on the daily anyway. And so he's very happy with his gift from us. Plus considering dinner at the restaurant was about 8,000 yen and the cake was about 4500 yen. We did our best...to give Noah a fantastic birthday. And of course..it does go without saying. Spending quality time with kids is the most important and we know and do that.  
Grandma Mitsuko also sent a fantastic birthday card. And some money too. The thing I loved the most... was that my dad called and spoke to Noah for a good 10 minutes on his birthday. They speak once a week anyways. But...I was very glad my dad did call and Noah and my dad had a fantastic talk. Afterwards Bran jumped on the phone and talked to grandpa too... about high school and they just enjoyed their talk. And later in the evening. Grandma Mitsuko called the house phone. Our house phone *never* rings. Seriously nobody knows our house phone number except the school. Noboru's family. My family all know it too. But my family all Skype me and also Line me... that's how my family and I talk. And zero of my friends have my house number. It's just something we never give out. So when the phone rang...we all thought it's either the school calling which we doubt. Or it's grandma Mitsuko calling. : ) So we instantly knew who it was. Also...my amazing and fantastic sister in law in Narita Lined me on Noah's birthday too...to make sure Noah was wished a happy birthday too. So...yep...Noah was definitely feeling the love by all sides of our family. : ) 
Noah's birthday cake. We ask every year..."do you wanna Costco cake or a Nagano icecream cake?" Noah always wants the Nagano one. And this year already Bran is saying he will be choosing the Costco cake. 

In years before the green was green tea. But they switched it to choco mint. So small change...but we noticed it. Noah picked the slice with the choco mint. Oh and the main ice-cream flavors Noah chose were...Noah had a choco banana cake. Nutella chocolate and banana and then cake below the 2 different flavors of ice-cream. We enjoyed the ice-cream cake on Noah's actual birthday.

July 7th, Noah went to school. He said they announced all birthdays over the loud speaker/sound system, just like they do every day... so the entire school knew it was Noah's birthday. His class all sang to him after lunch. He said people all day long in our tiny country school... kept coming up to Noah all day wishing him a happy birthday. Noah's a little on the shy side...but he really enjoyed all the birthday wishes. Bran was out of school before Noah. Bran and I both went to get Noah on his birthday from school, as soon as school was over. I had made the chicken parmesan in the day time. As soon as we brought Noah home. I threw the chicken parmesan into the oven. And they cooked for a good 30 minutes in the oven. I also boiled some pasta. I made garlic bread and salad. And we had a special dinner at home, just us 3. And afterwards we 3 enjoyed the cake. It was after we had the cake and when I was in the kitchen cleaning up... when the landline rang and we said...it's grandma Mitsuko! Noah answered it and chatted with his grams, while I finished cleaning the kitchen. Noboru did get some birthday cake when he got home. : ) Anyways Happy 12th birthday we *love* you so much Noah! More than tongue can tell. : )