Monday, July 17, 2017

Grass update. Last weeks family BBQ. Flower and chili update...

I haven't done a grass/backyard update in a month or so. Here's what it currently looks like. Umm, remember how we had that oval shape in the ground and then we grew/planted some grass after we got rid of Branden and Noah's jungle gym? And how that oval shape was semi/sort of visible still? Well, here's the most current up to date pic of what our backyard grass looks like now. And I can barely...just ever so faintly see the oval shape. It's becoming really hard to see anymore. Yes, I can still see it, because I know what to look for. But if you are standing in the actual backyard, it's not noticeable at all. But if you look from our 2nd floor of our home, then can faintly still see it. So...I think it's progress. Right? And the grass is so green. Like a lush gorgeous vibrant green. And we do have an actually really nice big backyard. : ) 

The rice fields behind our house are so lush and green too.

We also have an extremely wide back patio, so considering that... plus the actual lawn. It's a super nice sized yard. 

Fresh mango and watermelon. 

Chili plants to the right. And a BBQ grilling some yakiniku.

We all had corn on the cob. Yakiniku (grilled marinated meats) grilled veggies. Wrapped in lettuce. We had fruit and our 2nd coconut cream pie of the season.

As always...we keep our backyard BBQ's super simple because we barbecue weekly. 

Hello there...coconut cream pie #2. : ) 

The flowers in the 4 hanging baskets on our front porch are in full bloom. The grass in the front yard is doing excellent too. 

We have roasted our first batch of serrano chili already. 
Cake and ice-cream happened last Friday night. 

Frosted and the whole shebang. : )

Tiniest iHerb order came in Saturday. 

Just 3 face washes. These are so hard to find in an actual store anymore in the states...that it's actually easier for me to order online in Japan from iHerb. I have been using this face wash every summer since...before Branden was born. Seriously...since before then! It's cheap, it's high quality and it smells fantastic, like seriously it smells amaze-balls (smells so clean and fresh). I have dry skin in winter and combo in the summer. And it takes all my grease off my face without over-stripping my skin to death. Anyway, that's enough for now. : )