Friday, July 14, 2017

Bits and Pieces...

Hi you guys! Today is Friday. As usual, I have about 100 different things to tell you. Of course I don't have time to tell you everything and anything. But, I have a free 30 minutes. And so, I will fill you all in... as much as I can. Do you remember back when Bran started his English (speaking) high school. That they asked all of the English (speaking) kids in that program to buy lap tops. They do that... because the western teachers will send the class a group video asking them something. And for instance whoever can reply and answer the fastest wins a small prize. Such as a pack of gummy bears or a pack of erasers. Something small, you know. : ) But enough to make the kids want to get on and answer immediately!!! Anyway Bran and the rest of the freshman English kids... did receive their laptops. And they have been using them ever since. It's also perfect for writing class papers or school assignments too. So long story short, Branden did receive it and this is a picture of his. 

I bought Noah 2 pair jean shorts from Shimamura. He has 2 pair exactly like this, except one is this color/shade of blue and the other pair is a darker shade of denim. So 2 pair of shorts in size 160cm except one is a lighter denim and one is a darker blue denim. This being the lighter pair. They were only 980 yen each. A really great price and super comfy. The darker pair, I bought the week beforehand and forgot to take a pic before I cut the tags off and washed, but they look exactly the same as this, except darker. 

Since Branden wears a uniform, he always wears an undershirt under his dress shirt. But, I did switch to the cooler (temp-wise) ones for summer. They're sold in a 2 pack. And so he has 4 of these now and they were on sale for 500 yen each pack. They keep Bran very cool and dry in the summer heat especially during his commute. 

Apparently you will stay cooler and drier in these than in cotton, go figure.

The last Old Navy order for Summer 2017 arrived 2 weeks ago. Our $5 US American flag tee shirts arrived before American Independence Day/the 4th of July. And so we enjoy these shirts very much, all year round. And for Women, they also sold a gray American flag sweatshirt this year. First time for them to sell this logo as a sweatshirt. And it's awesome. And that way, I can share my love for my country in both summer and winter! Hahaha. 

Pizza happened last Saturday. Yep that is correct. We had Italian 3 nights in a row. But that's how we roll around here. : ) Let's see, Thursday a day earlier than Noah's birthday... we went to that Italian buffet. And then Noah's actual birthday we had chicken parmesan on top of pasta, with salad and garlic bread. And then the next day I made homemade pizza from scratch. My crust is always so crispy. Not ever limp at all. Baked in my oven at 450 degrees. This was the kids pizza. Noboru was at work, so he sadly missed pizza night with us. 

I meanwhile had a pepperoni, mushroom, onion and jalapeno pizza. 

Yesterday morning, I ran to Costco Inzai. I bought a rotisserie chicken for last nights supper. A big bottle of Yoshida's sauce. My kids *love* when I make a fast chicken veggie stir fry with this! My husband does too. 

Also bought a huge bag of frozen shrimp. The largest size they carry and it's all deveined (de-pooped) and cleaned up. I will be making some fried shrimp soon. Tonight, I am making a healthy yummy chicken veggie stir-fry with that sauce up above. I also bought 4 super cups (individual sized servings of ice-cream) today at my local store so we will be having chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with vanilla ice-cream. The cake is in the oven baking in the kitchen as I type. Thank gawd for central air-conditioning because our house is a cool and extremely dry 69 degrees. Plus with the solar panels we get zero bill. We actually make money with the solar panels and still get a nice cool house. Anyways.  Anything else to add? Yes I have tons to add!!!

This Monday... I had met up with 2 very good friends of mine. We met up Monday, May 10th at 11am at Coco's restaurant. It was as always... so nice to meet up and catch up. I don't have to tell very important it is to have friends. How important it is to socialize. And have an actual life. I love getting together with my friends. I'm lucky in that I have some truly amazing friends. I did have to leave earlier then they did. You see...the week beforehand. Branden had half days the week before. Last week....he had half days because he had tests. However...I had a friend lunch planned for this Monday. Planned since last Friday. So...I had asked Bran Saturday..."are you sure you have a full day of school on Monday?" Yes mom. I asked Sunday again..."Bran, are you sure you have a full day of school Monday?" Yes mom. I even asked Bran on Monday morning... as I was driving him to the train station..."Bran...I have a lunch planned with my friends today...I really don't want any umm do you have a full day at school?" Yes of course. should come as a huge surprise when my cell phone chimed and I read my Line messages and it said..."hi mom pick me up soon!" @_@  Umm, I was really caught off guard. Because I had asked before so many times. And assured so many times that... it was indeed a full day at school. So...umm yeah. I did leave early. But at least I got a good 90 minutes with my friends. I felt super bad to leave. But I do know...that since they're moms too...they also understand that yes...sometime stuff comes up and yes...sometimes sh*t happens... and it just can't be avoided. So, I headed as fast as lightning to the train station. I was driving the speed limit...mind you...but you know what I mean.

What else? Noah. You know how kids in Japan have school in July. Where as in America... kids don't. Well...all July Noah has been on his summer schedule. This Monday Noah swam at school and went on a nature walk around the school grounds and sketched/drew what they saw and wanted to. Came back to class and read books and went home. Tuesday Noah swam and his class made curry in the huge cooking room our school has. It's an *enormous* cooking room. They then ate and then had free time...where they played on the swings and playground equipment and then went home. The next day they swam and then they sewed. They sewed cleaning rags, which just gives the kids more experience using sewing machines and the kids enjoy this a lot. They sewed a few more fun things too. The next day they swam and made something in Japan called "fruit punch" which is much different than American fruit punch. But...basically every day is just swimming and other fun activities for them. So that's what the kids do in our elementary school in July, just try to enjoy July.  And today for Noah's is Friday...and they took the town-owned great big limousine bus and are currently on a class field trip right now, they should be heading towards our tiny town any minute... and should be dropped off to our housing community by 5pm, the bus makes 2 stops plus a final stop... at the school if you prefer just walk home from school, in case you live near the school. And they ate out at a buffet since they're out and about today, which sounds like such fun for the 6th graders. @_@ Hahaha. So umm yeah. Our particular specific elementary school in July does have school too...but July is more so... a break for the kids...but they're technically at school. Not sure what other elementary schools in Japan do in July...if they are hitting the books or if they're chillin' a bit more too. I like that our school lets the kids relax a bit more in July. The kids need it. : )

This coming Monday is a holiday in Japan... so kids do not have school. Branden's final day of school was today!!! Although he does have summer camp next week for a few days. Noah's final day of school is next week. And things are just superly winding down. Everyone is super ready and happy to be going on summer break soon. The break from school. And making school lunches will be nice. The break from me waking up at 4:15am every morning Monday-Friday will be nice. I usually wake up Bran at 5:30 and Noah at 5:50am. But I get up earlier to have 20 minutes to go through my emails and computer stuff... read the American news and to also start making lunch, finishing lunch and starting on a quick breakfast too. So yes...for me to sleep soon as summer break starts...omg sounds like *bliss*. Sounds like a dream.

Anyway today is Friday. You all have a nice weekend. Hope you all stay cool, don't anybody melt. : ) Hahaha. Just relax and take it easy. What's our weekend plan? Staying home obviously. Resting and relaxing. Tonight the Gong Show comes on. Last night I watched the Little Women LA reunion. those girls argue or what?!! They fight like crazy!  So I better end this soon. So I can get ready for Noah to be home. Bran has been home since this afternoon. He's showered and in his comfy clothes relaxing now. I have the chicken chopped, veggies chopped for the stir fry. The rice maker is set. And the ice-cream is in the freezer and the cake is about to beep any minute. Cake and icecream is such a great way to start the weekend. As soon as supper is finished. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. And catch up a bit.