Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Throwback Thursday...

This pic was taken June 21st, 2011. Grandpa was in Japan visiting us. And has always enjoyed walking the kids into school or going with me to pick them both up from school. We had dropped off Bran at school already earlier that morning in town. Now we were both dropping off Noah at yochien in the small city nearest our town. Grandpa kindly walked Noah into school and handed Noah off to his most favorite teacher in the whole wide world... the Yayoi-sensei. Noah wearing his summer uniform. In Japan the kids have a summer uniform and a winter uniform. Bran's high school, even has a summer and winter uniform too. Hahaha. : )

Anyway today is Thursday. It's raining here, ever to lightly and only off and on at times. But we're still going to BBQ as soon as Noah gets home from elementary school today. Bran is home already. You know...this week is all half days for Bran. It's just going to be chargrilled burgers, hot dogs. Fries. Super simple tonight. Tomorrow we will be far from town. We'll be at Bran's school for our parent teacher conference thing. I can't wait for the weekend to be here. Can't wait! I'm not cooking tomorrow night, as I said yesterday. We're 80% leaning towards Domino's. And 20% leaning towards a sit down restaurant. Who knows. We'll decide tomorrow. And gee whiz... I hope we can find Noah's plain navy pair of swim trunks for shogakko/elementary school tomorrow evening, plus Bran some shorts for summer!

About 10 days ago, I ordered my dad the cutest t-shirt from Esty. An extremely witty couple sentences on the shirt are what made me know this was perfect for my dad. Picked the color, and everything. Showed the kids and Noboru, they all loved it and thought it was perfect for my dad too. So I ordered it. The very next day. It was made and shipped. It arrived in Guam this past Monday. My dad loves it and had a laugh about what it said. It's what my dad received this year for Father's Day. I know he got the shirt a little too early. But when you order things from overseas and it's actually hand made... you have to order early because sometimes things can take longer to get made or shipped. I totally understand that. But this seller was fantastic and sent it at lightning speeds! So am super happy my dad received it and loves it. A little too early for Father's Day. Yes...maybe. But that's okay. : )