Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Throwback Thursday...

Happy TBT everyone! Today's throwback is going to be short sweet and to the point. Just 2 cute pictures for today! This picture right here of a super little... potty training Noah. Noboru straight up loves this picture... so much so... that this is one of the few that he keeps on his phone. He only keeps about 20 family pics on his phone and this made it in his top 20 pics of all time. Noboru loves this picture so much that, every time he sees this pic, he can't help but go....awww! Every single time he sees this. : ) Hahaha. I'm serious. : ) 

And this picture is so cute to me... because it's of both my boys and they were fresh out of the shower and into their jammies...just relaxing on the couch enjoying some TV.

Anyways...was that a quick post or what...hahaha...anyway...please have a good night everyone! As for us here anything new to add? Bran gets out of school at 12:30pm tomorrow. This week half days... it was from Wednesday to tomorrow/Friday.  So this week he gets out early and next Monday and Tuesday too. He will also be getting home early. He's having half days because they're having light little testing. Nothing major. But they are testing... so he is getting out early and has had half days since Wednesday.

Noah's doing good. And he gets out tomorrow at 2:20pm. Bran should be home around 1:30pm. And I have my Japanese thermal hair straightening tomorrow morning at 9am. I picked the earliest hair appointment of the day...not because I'm a maniac and love the mornings. I don't. It's just...I know I have 2 kids that get out tomorrow... hella early tomorrow and I can NOT be delayed tomorrow at all whatsoever. So...hopefully they can straighten my hair...straight as a pin ASAP. I love my hair cut.. but will just get a tiny trim. And I won't be going back to the salon until first week of September or so? I'll be all done for the summer hair-do wise. Thank gawd. : ) Hahaha. Which is nice. : ) Just gets that all nicely scratched off the list.

We're having nachos tonight for supper. And that's about all there is to say for right now. Ohhh, I did go and do my weekly grocery shopping today. Got plenty of real food. Plenty of fresh veggies from the farmers market. Fruit. Bought a bunch of American cherries and melon of course. It's always melon for us...around here. Hahaha. : ) Also bought 2 ice-creams each... for us all. 4 packs of choco mint Country Ma'am cookies plus some banana cream sponge snack things.  PLus 2 cases of drinks. We're all stocked up for the weekend and beyond food-wise. with you all later. : )