Thursday, June 01, 2017

Throwback Thursday...

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! Here's just a random hour captured in time. It's from May 2010! Even though today is June 1st. I did go back and look through May for my TBT this week. I can also see on the pics that followed that I had green chili enchiladas baking in the oven as I sat outside watching the hubster play with our kiddos. Just a nice simple game of some catch with a nice soft (Anpanman) ball because they were little. What do I see when I look at this picture? I can see the rice fields growth... looks pretty much the exact same for how the rice looks... right now. They look like baby rice seedlings sprouting out of the water...exactly like in this pic. I see the kids goofing around having a ball in the backyard. And as *you* can clearly agree from the post I posted earlier today of our backyard BBQ from last Saturday... they pretty much are JUST as silly and play around in the backyard in 2017, as they did in 2010! So back to the TBT pic...Bran throwing the ball to daddy.

Noah throwing the ball to daddy too.

I love how when one has an itch or a problem they both bend down and check it out. And it's funny...they still look after one another like this even now days. LOL. 

Love every minute...every second of your youth! Even now...I am *still* telling them both the same thing. 

Daddy was always there. And so was mommy too. And yes...even now. : )

Hope they can catch your ball!

Whoops Noah decided to do a cart wheel instead. Gee that just came right out of the blue....hahaha. Kids are so cool and unpredictable like that and that's okay. Silly kids! : )

What a truly happy childhood. And I can see that net in the background that my kids go and catch zarigani with every summer! Which of course zarigani just means crawdads/crayfish.

And now days... my kids still love being outside in the backyard dabbing and balancing a badminton racket on their lips and faces, lol. My point is...they still love to have fun and that makes me so happy!!! To the moon and back the moon and back! : )