Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ribs on the barbie. Another backyard BBQ...

Simple backyard BBQs happen at our house on the weekly in late Spring and Summer. We keep things super simple. So bbq-ing always happens. Just because like I said, we keep things simple. No great big fancy 10 course meal. Just simple and scaled way way back. Sometimes it's burgers and hot dogs. Most of the times it's yakiniku style. And sometimes it's ribs. It just depends. I also do up foil packets often too. I made a vegetable foil packet. Just fresh zucchini (yellow and green) from the farmers market and some frozen corn. The fresh corn didn't become available until after this BBQ, doesn't it always figure. LOL. But anyways... both work! Just a tad of butter some salt, some pepper and wrapped this sucker tightly. And tossed on the grill. 

Noah playing a few matches of badminton with his brother. Just barefeet on the soft grass in our backyard. A nice way to just kick it...over a nice quiet weekend at home. Weekends at home are never boring...but always super chill! A time for us all to recharge.

Noah dabbing. Though Branden says dabbing is officially out of style now. Yet Noah still very much... loves to get his dab on...every now and again!!! : )

Meanwhile...what is my silly teen doing? I zoom in for a closer look!

Awesome! Yep...weekends are for recharging and being silly. No teen-tude here at our house! My kids are so very chill and cool! 

Hey are you doing? And how are you doing pulled pork? This all smelled so good.

Baked potatoes from the farmers market looked good, I love that crispy skin on the outside of potatoes and soft inside. The zucchini and pork all smell good too. Meanwhile the boys are still playing badminton. Laughter and chatter is heard from our backyard. And Hall and Oates. 

Potatoes done. Unwrapping the veggies. 

This pulled pork smells straight up.,..amaze-balls!

Alright everyone start buttering your baked potatoes. Let's eat!

Bran tucking right into his dinner. And Branden decided that he is no longer "feeling" like he enjoys ribs anymore. @_@ But to be fair...I started feeling like that... a few years back too. So...okay. But he enjoyed them anyways... but also ate a lot of the pulled pork too. Which was so okay... because I made plenty...enough for us all. : )

I use that pulled pork seasoning on it. And it's so good. It's super easy to make... just sprinkle the seasoning over it and it's done. Literally the easiest thing to make ever ever ever! : )  The veggies and baked/grilled potatoes were so good too. Oh and I did bake the pork loin in the oven for a full hour slowly and then shredded it and then wrapped it in the foil packet so it was cooked first... but just steamed outside and got that nice charcoal-y BBQ type flavor. 

Both Noboru and Noah are rib fanatics. They both can eat ribs forever, lol. @_@  Meanwhile...I always make 5 roasted potatoes, so that I always have an extra... in case someone wants an extra and somebody always takes it. : ) Which makes me happy. We had Costco cheesecake for dessert after this. And we watched a DVD too. A nice Saturday, very chill, very low key. : )

Anything new to add? I went to get my haircut yesterday. I haven't had a hair cut since mid March. It was an all 1 length lob (long bob) and it was starting to look...not as sharp as it did in March. Plus I have that...parent teacher conference thing at Bran's school June 9th. And I knew I wanted my hair looking tight for that so....I went in yesterday. I also decided I wanted a very diagonal angled lob. I have seen this one girl that I watch her videos on YouTube with one and I love that hair style. And I have seen 2 in person when we were in Chiba City. And I knew...I wanted to go for it. I asked for one last year... but it wasn't strong looking enough. It was a very slight angle. I wanted...super angled this time. And I got it. Actually as she was cutting my hair it was looking barely angled at all. And I nicely asked her in Japanese..if she could make it look a bit stronger and more angled. I did have a picture of the Vlogger/YouTuber as reference. And the stylist went for it. And it looks so freaking cool. Not to toot my own horn. Although frankly...I didn't cut it. She gets all the credit for it. I just sat in the chair. But honestly...this is the coolest cut that I have had in ages. When I went to pay...2 of the stylists and the actual owner of the salon came to hair looks so kakkoi. I just told them..."she gets all the credit, because she cut it" My stylist was smiling from ear to ear. Hey it was her time to shine, not my time at all. She did it. She cut it. But in all hair you guys...holy crap.  It looks so freaking amazing. It's an asymmetrical lob. It's so edgy. Yet it's classy. When I picked up Noah yesterday the second he got in my car he said..."you cut your hair and it looks so cool mama!!!"...and when Bran came home he kept staring and after a minute he said..."you cut your hair and you look amazing mom!" I was like awww...thank you. : ) And Noboru loves my hair too. So hair cut can be scratched off the list now. I will be going back the last week of June or first week of July for a hair straightening and another cut to just make sure it stays in shape and stays sharp.

Today's Thursday. I'm making pork curry. I will start it as soon as I post this. I'm looking forward to the weekend. And yes, after my hair cut yesterday, I went and bought new flowers for my hanging baskets. Sigh. It just had to happen. However, I did not just throw the unhealthy flowers away. I planted them in the ground. So hopefully they can make it and snap out of it. But if they don't. least I know...I tried and I gave them every chance I could. : )