Sunday, June 25, 2017

Last week's Costco cart pic. Some new movies from And The Gong Show reboot...

Last Friday, June 23rd Noboru and I made a Costco Chiba New Town run. And also a Besia (regular grocery store run) and also we hit the meat store in Inzai/Chiba New Town too, which is of course Joyful Honda. But only this pic from Costco is what I am sharing today. No other cart pics from that day. : ) What's in my Costco cart from last Friday? Let's see. 3 big jars of Ragu pasta sauce. 4 Kirkland frozen cheese pizzas. Tortilla chips (nachos are coming up for us, this coming Thursday night according to the weekly menu that I make) 2 types of grated cheese (mozzarella and a blend they call a Mexican blend.) Tortillas, dinner rolls and a rotisserie chicken that we had a delicious quick dinner from last Friday night. So an easy dinner last Friday was very nice. : ) 
We did stop and have lunch before we left Costco and went on our way to a few other grocery stores that morning. : )
My order arrived too. 

Split...we watched it yesterday and it's really good. We also enjoyed Get Out. This movie was *so* excellent. And it's funny because... one of the guys who was in Hawaii for the couple years of training when we were there. He's a good friend of Noboru's. Anyways he was telling Noboru...he had seen Get Out and he loved it and he told Noboru. "You have got to see that movie" That it was so good. And 2 days after his friend told him that. My fellow American friend in Yokohama emailed me and she's so super nice. Anyways we were emailing about fun stuff. You know movies and food and good stuff like that. : ) Anyways...she told me...."Gina, you should totally watch Get Out." I told my husband..."now my friend, also told me to see the same movie your friend mentioned too." @_@. So, I went and checked the trailer on YouTube and was this looks so good. So, I ordered it. And I won't spoil anything for any of you, except to say...everyone is totally right!!! This movie is so good! No wonder there is a buzz about Get Out. Because it's totally a good movie. I am so glad I have this... because I will be watching it again...probably this week. Beauty and the Beast. I remember being in middle school and watching an old black and white version of Beauty and the Beast all in French in my French class. Thank gawd for subtitles. LOL. And yep...wish I woulda took Spanish instead. But anyways. The story though...I fell in love with the story of this. And I have loved Beauty and the Beast since my French class in middle school. I guess I love the story of the Beast... how he was tested and turned that old poor beggar woman away... when she was seeking a place to stay for the night. And no wonder he was cursed because she was not truly an old beggar woman at all. As we all know. I think it just makes me always think...don't judge a book by it's cover. And...always be kind. Kindness *always* wins. And perhaps the Beast should have been kinder in the beginning. No wonder he was cursed! And then the Disney cartoon version came and I loved that one too. And I frankly know some folks like this new version and some don't. But...I know for me personally...the story I love. And I wanted this in my collection. I'll let ya'll know how I liked it. And the other movie...looks like Groundhogs Day but modern. And I have not seen it yet...but I have seen the previews and I will let you know how I like it. But...we are saving that for this coming weekend, same for Beauty and the Beast movie night. : )  And as for Star Wars...we are the biggest Star Wars loving family and same with Terminator. You guys know that. One DVD is not shipping to my house until first weak of August, it's still too new and not released yet. : )  
Is it just me or is *everything* being rebooted. The TV show Roseanne is being rebooted too. With Roseanne Barr and the whole cast. Anyways...anyone remember the original Gong Show??? It was a popular American TV show in America. It ran from 1976-1980. I was like too little for preschool, then preschool aged... then kindergarten aged when this show ran. I might have even gotten to the first grade or 2nd grade during the run of this show. I was a little kid when this was on. But I do remember how popular this show was. If you performed good, you finished your act. If you were horrible they would gong you!!! I remember when I was little...Kids would ask other kids..."hey did you see the Gong Show last night?" Everyone did! It was just that popular. Anyway it's been rebooted and it just started in America again. I decided to catch the first show. And I read online that in America they're once again saying it's going to be the funnest thing all summer. So, I did make sure to tune in. And it's hilarious. I watched it Friday evening with my family. We were laughing so hard. This lady here. Dressed like Little Bo Peep. She had a tarantula. And put it into her mouth. Grossed out the audience. The host. Grossed us out over here too. @_@

They had 3 famous/actors as guest judges. 2 were from The Hangover. Ken Jeong the funny guy who played Mr. Chow. He's so sharp and so funny.

Putting it in her mouth. Bleh! Yikes. @_@

Yep the audience was totally grossed out. By the way...sorry the spider just reminded me.. speaking of rebooting shows. Fear Factor was also rebooted on MTV. Ludacris is the host. And my kids love Fear Factor!!! Bran and Noah watch every single week. And I watch with them. And Noboru watches it with us too when he's home and not working.

And of course went a warning on the screen. Please do not put spiders in your mouth. Ummm duh! : )

More audience members too. Again everyone was totally grossed out with the whole spider in the mouth thing. Us too.

Will Arnett.

Zach Galifianakas. He's always so funny. My whole family really likes him. Same for Ken Jeong, my kids crack up whenever they see Mr. Chow. : )

Anyway, Noboru did get his vacation days off. So we will be going on vacation at the end of July for sure 100%.  We can't wait!!! I'll give more details a bit later. : ) But...if my blog does go a bit quiet, between now and then. It's just because...I'm starting to watch a bunch of YouTube videos lately. You guys know...I always get caught up with everything new in the U.S. before I get there. I'd like to know...what's new. What's good. And so...I have started a small list so far. And know slowly getting a list gathered up of what I'd like to bring back to Japan with me. : ) So if my blog doesn't get updated in 4 days. I am either just enjoying my family time. Or watching many makeup...what's new at Sephora or what's new at the drugstore videos. But, I am here. Anything else to add? : )

Noah has observation day July 4th at school. Holy smokes....didn't Noah just have observation day...not too long ago too? I could swear he *just* had observation day about 3 weeks ago...pretty recently/not too long ago. Hmm.

I'd like to get my hair straightened again. Before Japanese summer and humidity hits. I'm thinking either this week or next. Maybe this week. Hmm. Decisions decisions. : )

How has the weather been? Outside it's been warm to almost hot in the days and cooler at night still, but the humidity is really starting to rise outside though. Last week it started to get really humid. It's quite dry in our home, so we don't feel or notice a change inside our home. Thank goodness for central air conditioning. But it's really noticeable the second you leave the house.