Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Last Thursdays BBQ...

Last Thursday we had a backyard BBQ. Super simple. Just 7 char-grilled burgers, 4 all beef Oscar Meyer hot dogs and 1 grilled teriyaki chicken breast I sliced thinly in 3 pieces. I mainly just wanted a thin slice of chicken for a sandwich. And the other pieces were for whoever wanted to have a little taste. : ) 
It was drizzling earlier in the day but luckily for us by the time the kids got home from school there wasn't any rain at all. Gray skies of course, but the weather was nice and cool and comfortable. 

Dinner took absolutely no time at all. And we were all at the dinner table just eating and relaxing and talking. 

I also skillet fry the buns for flavor with a little butter. I also made some fried potato wedges too. 

Japanese hot dog buns seem longer than American Oscar Meyer hot dogs. Which is fine. I enjoyed myself a teriyaki chicken sandwich with provolone cheese and lettuce and a grilled hot dog and a small handful of fries. Nothing fancy shmancy about our dinner.... but superly delicious though. And an easy clean up too. : ) Anyway that's what we had last Thursday. We're BBQ-ing this weekend too. Yakiniku type this week. : )  I hope everyone's having a good week. We've been enjoying our week here. And most definitely looking forward to the weekend. It's already Wednesday. So it's hump day and all down hill after today, so the weekend is getting closer. 

Tonight, I am making chicken parmesan sandwiches. I went to the bakery first thing this morning and bought 5 crusty baguettes but super soft inside. I have 16 chicken tenderloins that I will be breading and frying up as soon as I post this. And then as soon as the kids get home, I will whack the 16 breaded chicken tenderloins in the oven on top of sauce and smothered with mozarella cheese and then place inside a baguette. You know what a generous size those baguettes are. We will be having fries (potato wedges) to go with the sandwiches. Also tomorrow is Chiba Day or something? Because Noah has no school tomorrow. However Branden does have school tomorrow, go figure! Which is why I bought 5 baguettes instead of 4. Because Branden will be taking a homemade chicken parmesan sandwich to school tomorrow with a pack of chips and some fruit. Noah and I....will have chicken parmesan sandwiches tomorrow too. But, I can zip to the bakery at 9:30am tomorrow morning. Branden needs to have his lunch and catch the train by 7am so he needs his baguette here now, which is why I just bought 5. Anyway...I have 16 chicken strips to dip in Italian bread crumbs right now, Noboru is home today, so he'll be eating chicken parmesan sandwich with us. So talk to you all later. Have a good night. : )