Sunday, June 04, 2017

Gap and Old Navy clothes shopping. Still trying to get ready for summer...

You know, Old Navy left Japan. However I am lucky in that I can have the stuff shipped to my dad's condo and I actually brought this stuff back from Guam when we were there a few weeks ago. I love the maroon/wine colored tee on this top and I thought the message on this, was super cute and positive too. So, I was glad to have ordered this. 

This has famous American landmarks from the east coast all the way to the west coast. 

This is probably my favorite thing I ordered for myself this season. It's a very thin summer lightweight sweatshirt. It will be perfect n early spring and Fall too. And the flamingo is so cute and summery and it's just as cute in person... if not cuter! I love this so much! 

Olive green/army green cargo shorts for Noah. He loves these and we brought these back with us from the package that was waiting for us at my dad's. 

This you saw already. A rashguard and swim trunks combo from Gap. 

We are beach and water people, so my kids need swimwear every year. 
They came out with even cuter rashguards and trunks too. So of course, I had to. And these I ordered and got them 50% off. So I felt good about making a wise purchase getting it 50% off like that. So this rash guard was waiting for us a few weeks back too. This is from the Gap. 

And Noah also received these super cool green and navy pineapple swim trunks too to go with the rashguard above. So Noah has two swim sets and he can just wear whichever one he wants. 

This is a basic tee... black with white striping... I also liked the feminine curved edging at the bottom. And I have since worn this tee with jean shorts and my black low top converse. 
And yep, the tops were waiting. And I'm so happy and I'm ready for Summer now! 

This is even cuter in person. I love this much! 

Noah's 2 pair of army/olive green cargo shorts. Just making sure my little guy gets summer ready too. 

This swimsuit looks so cool! Will be perfect when we take our big... once a year summer vacation! 
I also went to Gap in Inzai, a few weeks back during the day while the kids were at school.. after stopping at Costco. All those Gap employees know me and they also know/recognize my kids at Gap in Inzai too. LOL. We are always super polite and shop there often.... so that's why. Anyways..Bran has new sweatshorts/house shorts from the Gap that we bought in Denver last summer in a size bigger. And he loves them! They fit perfectly. But Noah had no house shorts/comfy sweatpants shorts. So...I went to Gap in Inzai and found 2 pair. And they were 40% off. Wise and smart shopping at 40% off.

Noah basically is all set summer clothes wise, except I will be buying him a new swimsuit for school (they have to be plain navy blue or black, I always pick navy blue.) And maybe some summer shoes. But other than that, he's done. Bran has everything too, except he needs more summer shorts. But the clothes shopping is winding down and that makes me happy that we're almost done. Phew. That way I won't have to think of clothes shopping... until we start thinking about stocking up for Fall. : )