Thursday, June 01, 2017

Fishing with dad...

Noboru loves to fish, his dad took him fishing when he was little. And he likes to take our boys fishing too. Branden usually always goes, but he happened to have a test coming up, so he stood home and studied. High school tests are not nearly as severe or serious as JHS tests, but he still wanted to do well. Noboru and Noah were just about a 5 minute drive from our house. They went from 11am to 3pm. He always tells Noah, no shorts, no open toes shoes, because of possible snakes. No snakes spotted this time, though... they have seen them there plenty of times. But they're all used to it. They just enjoyed the afternoon of some dad and son fishing. Noah caught 2 fish and Noboru apparently only caught 1 this time. They don't kill the fish... they're just caught and then released. They had a lot of fun though. And I meanwhile prepped for dinner. And lazed on the couch while they were fishing. But then to be fair...I am superly busy during the weekday and I am all about that relax and chill life on my weekends. : ) I still cook and do laundry and stuff though obviously. As soon as Noah came home... he went straight to the shower to clean up! And I immediately tossed their clothes into the washing machine.  : )

Anything new to add? Yep. Noboru has been wanting a drone for a while. Anyway... he bought one and has been enjoying it and loving it so much. And he goes outside in the backyard for about an hour each day... since he got it and he flies it all over the rice fields behind our house. The kids enjoy watching it fly. It has video and Noboru has been makes videos of what his drone sees. He keeps them just on his laptop... but the kids and Noboru have been having a blast watching the videos and Noboru has been loving his drone. : )

Anyway, I am so glad today is Friday and that the weekend is near. I look forward to the weekends so much! I'm heading to Costco and a bunch of other grocery type shops today. So, I better hurry up and head out. Have a great weekend everyone! : )