Friday, June 09, 2017

Country Ma'am Choco Mint Cookies...

Every week when I do my great big weekly grocery shopping haul. Besides buying regular food, you know...stuff like beef, chicken, shrimp, pork, lunch meat, cheese, pasta, bread, tons of fresh veggies from the farmer's market. Sauces, flour, milk, yogurt. Etc to infinity... you know what I mean, regular food. I also buy snack stuff too, because we're not living lives... of torture here and as long as you keep things in balance, so's okay. So keeping snacks in the house is essential for our family. I usually keep salty snacks on hand (like chips, nuts or pretzels, popcorn, ykwim) and also something sweet too. We have been enjoying these onion jalapeno Pringles. What do they taste like?...I'd say...they taste exactly like sour cream and onion chips plus jalapeno flavor too. You definitely taste the jalapeno flavor. And I was worried the chili flavor wouldn't be so strong... because this is Japan afterall. But the flavor is totally super good, you definitely can taste the jalapeno flavor. These are so good and again just a less strong flavor of sour cream and onion Pringles with a good flavor of jalapeno too. Also...these are not so hot that you couldn't eat them or enjoy them. But definitely delicious and flavorful and can definitely taste the jalapeno flavor, yum. Also as soon as these Choco Mint Country Ma'am came out this season, I was all over these! And have been buying these for the kids since they first came out! And then the Choco Chip regular cookies are just 78 yen a box. And the Country Ma'am Choco Mint cookies are just 120 yen and the Pringles are 120 yen or 130 yen for the pack. I buy these at the cheap snack and drink store in the smallest city nearest my town. Country Ma'am are also selling 2 more new flavor cookies too. One is cheesecake and the other is caramel something or other. I'll take pics of them next week, when I go back to restock our choco mint cookies. And the Country Ma'am cookies are so nice and soft. Because the choco mint ones are a special flavor they come in a pack of 10, where as the regular pack contains 12? Something like that... but these choco mint ones are less cookies than the regular pack though, just something to keep in mind. : ) 

These are really good chips. This week, I bought a pack for Bran, Noah and Noboru and myself. I bought the kids a pack each the week beforehand. And Noboru and I each tried a chip of theirs and these were truly stellar! So good. That this week, even Noboru requested...when I asked him...what sort of snacks do you want me to pick up for you? He said...The jalapeno Pringles. Hahaha. I said I want that too. : ) 

 There is also a choco mint frappe being sold at Family Mart. My one friend straight up *loves* these!!! I haven't tried the choco mint frap yet. Also, I have seen the choco mint Kit Kats being sold again this year too. So anyways...if you are in Japan...and you love choco mint, just be on the look out. So many delicious things available for us, choco mint lovers in Japan right now! : )