Monday, June 12, 2017

Carrot cake...

Today's Monday. We still have about another month of school left for us in Japan, actually more like 5 weeks left. So today was a school day. While the kids were at school. Around 7:45am, I baked my family a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and some chopped up walnuts sprinkled on top. Noah got off school today at 3pm and as soon as he walked inside the house, he had a slice of carrot cake. He loves it, so he was happy! Branden is on the train heading back home right now and I know he will have a slice as soon as he gets home too. He'll be home soon.

How was every one's weekend? Ours was awesome! Luckily we did find Noah his swimming trunks, that are required at his school in Japan. And a new pair of goggles. He starts swimming on June 19th or so. So he's ready and raring to go regarding that. Phew. Takes a load off knowing we have it now. : ) Also we did find Branden 2 pair of shorts at Uniqlo on Friday too. We wanted to buy Bran 3 pair. But they did not have his size in one of the colors, that he wanted. @_@ Doesn't that just figure! I mean really...LOL. No worries, you know me...and you know how I'm a little cruiser, when I am in Inzai later this week, I will make it a point of going to the Uniqlo there and looking for the pair he was looking for and hopefully they'll have the missing size that Narita was sold out of. So we'll see. : ) We did buy a ton of pizza on Friday after our shopping was done... 4 large pizzas from Domino's. But to be know... that those really are American size mediums. Plus we were lucky to have a ton of pizza for Saturdays lunch. So a definite plus! : ) Also Bran's parent teacher conference thing went super well. And so last Friday went really well. : ) I do have a few posts I want to get up. But will put those up tomorrow. Probably. : )

Have a good night everyone. Ohhhhh I almost forgot...the weather has been amazing!!! Not too hot at all. It's been peaking at 78-79 degrees F. And the nights are nice cool and breezy. Like low to mid 60's. Last year at this was melting hot. But this year has been so wise. I love it. My neighbors and friends near me have also been enjoying this amazing comfortable weather. You watch...just now that I said that...I probably jinxed it for us all in Japan now! Hahaha. *wink wink* The chili have flowers on them so....hopefully we will be seeing some baby chili sprouting soon.

Anything else? We are spending all of our attention right now on our once a year big summer vacation. We have been hotel and condo review reading and deciding has been going on for the past 3 days solid. No hotel decision has been made 100% yet. But we do have 1 place booked just in case. But are still reading Trip Advisor on the daily though. : )

We're having ginger pork for supper tonight, a side of rice, a really nice salad, fresh corn on the cob with butter, salt and black pepper. Pork has been marinating in the fridge all day long. It smells amazing and I squeezed a whole tube of that ginger puree in the tube in there for an added ginger kick. I will be going to pick up Bran any second. And as soon as he runs upstairs and showers I can start frying up the pork and boiling the corn. Have a good night. : )