Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Bits and Pieces...

Time for one of my fun little bits and pieces posts! I love doing these, because it's like a fun mix of different stuff, different topics, and can be about different people in my family. So fun short snippets. : ) What have I been making/cooking lately? This was about to become cream stew. I made this... the same day Noah had his Observation Day and emergency drill at the local elementary school. 

Another evening, I made a ton of sweet and sour chicken. We're talking a huge bag of bell peppers and other veggies from the local farmer's market and 6 chicken breasts! This was most definitely a perfect amount for a hungry family of 4!!!

I know this was on a Sunday. I don't remember the exact date. But, Noboru had a fun reunion/"get together" dinner that night with the other Japanese guys who lived in Hawaii (about 15 showed up, but 2 couldn't make it), the guys who were all sent there by the airline and this group of guys, is still close to this day. And it was so important for Noboru to go and have a good time. So that night I knew it would just be the kids and myself. So, I threw us a fun little "party" here at home. I made pizza dough from scratch that morning. I sliced up all the veggies for my pizza. And in the afternoon we went and bought ice cream and any other snacks the kids wanted for movie night. 

If you're in Japan and you make your pizza at home... try this sauce as your pizza sauce. It's the best for pizzas if you live in Japan. I have tried every jar/and bottle of pizza sauce and pasta sauce under the sun and hated every pizza sauce there is and believe me I have tried them all. But this one which is technically a pasta sauce...however it's the best for pizza sauce. It tastes 100% homemade and delicious as a pizza base. It's tomato and basil. The basil does this one right. There are other flavors. 2 or 3 others and I tried them too and they simply don't work for pizza. This one does though. So...just trying to help but yeah...if you do make pizzas at home...try this one. It's truly the best sauce for pizza if you live in Japan. : ) And don't try Ragu on pizzas, it's good with pasta... but it tastes like sh*t on pizzas. It's horrible! This one though...truly the best for pizza. 

One Costco sized large pepperoni for the kids. And one personal sized hand tossed for me with pepperoni, mushrooms, onion, bell peppers and jalapenos for flavor and kick! After supper we watched Fools Rush In. : ) 

Noboru's drone. 
This haircut is awesome. And Ingrid was kind enough to leave a thumbnail pic... so that others could take this pic to their own hair stylist if they wanted. And I am grateful because I did take this pic to my hair salon. And I got exactly this. An asymmetrical lob. Shorter in the back and gradually longer towards the front. It's modern, it's classy, it's stylish and chic. And I love my hair. I got mine cut exactly like this, last week. And it's super easy to take care of. And if you're cooking or cleaning the house... you can just clip it back in a clip or tiny pony tail. So practical and easy to take care of too. : ) And looks a bit more modern than a classic bob. : )
What else...I made homemade from scratch peanut butter cookies last week too. I made enough dough for 3 dozen cookies. 

These are what I am growing now. The Million Bell. I am hoping they grow quickly. And so these red ones will be hanging in my hanging baskets on my front porch. 
Last weeks Costco cart pic(s). 2 packs of chicken and 1 pack of lean ground beef. 

Same cart... but on top of the raw meat in the basket part of my cart was a rotisserie chicken (for taquitos) and mozzarella cheese for Italian and buns for burgers. And a new hose from Costco for the plants and grass.

Our lunch date last week. Noboru and I went to the Ohsho before hitting Costco. 

Mid shop when we were in Inzai last week. My drink of choice to keep me hydrated is the clear tea. It's delicious btw. And Boss Coffee is always in a can... but now some are in bottles. And Noboru likes this one. : ) After lunch we went to a few stores and then went back to our tiny town. 
Baked ravioli happened. Along with salad and garlic bread.

I make a good breakfast every weekend. Saturday we had blueberry pancakes and crispy American bacon. Sunday I made omelets, skillet fried potatoes and toast. I decided to take pics on Saturday. About to throw the blueberries into the pancake batter. 

Choice was either syrup or whipped cream and blueberry topping.

Yep, leisurely big breakfasts on the weekend rock!!!! 

My lunch yesterday. I have been eating salads for lunch like 3-4 times a week. Just a quick pre-made salad from the store and a half of this amount of Mini Stop crunky chicken. Some shredded cheese, some black pepper for taste and some salad dressing. And I'm full until supper. The kids always come home and find the chicken in the fridge and finish it. : )  Which is totally fine. 

Last nights dinner. Baked chicken parmesan on top of pasta.

Anyway, today I have an early lunch date with my husband.

Also...this whole week is parent teacher conference week at Bran's high school. So all kids at the high school get out at 11am-ish. Every day this week. Because the teachers have conferences after lunch non-stop until the evening with parents. Our parent teacher conference is this Friday. So after our meeting Branden will be getting a ride home with us. But every other day this week Bran has been getting home around lunch time. Which is so nice to have one of my son's home early. The only down side and I don't see it as a down side really but...I won't be going to Costco this week. Because Bran gets off so early...I swing and pick him up at the train station and we have lunch together. However....I usually do a huge shop in Inzai city... once a week. And this week with B getting home so early. I simply won't make it back to my town. Which is more than fine. I will just do my weekly shopping in the small city nearest me... for this week instead. It's totally fine. And Noboru and I will go to lunch much closer to home today... which is good. So...today is my big once a week shop. And after wards we will go for a quicker than usual lunch. Because I need to pick up B. And I did make 1 extra chicken parmesan last night and have pasta in a Ziploc in the fridge. So Bran's lunch today will be chicken paremsan on top of pasta. He will be so full this afternoon! Hahaha. : )

I am making tacos tonight. Lean ground beef ones for the family and chicken ones for me. Tomorrow we are BBQ-ing in the backyard. Just char-grilled cheeseburgers, hot dogs. So super simple tomorrow. And then Friday...we have Bran's conference at like 9:30am. We 3 will have to grab lunch someplace afterwards. And then rush back to our town to make sure we're here for when Noah gets out of school. After Noah gets out of school Friday.. the family plan is...Noah needs that school swim outfit. So Noah needs plain navy school swim trunks. He starts swimming soon-ish and we need it. And meanwhile Bran will be getting a few pair of shorts at Uniqlo. So Friday looks busy-ish but not stressful type busy. Iykwim. More like...enjoyable. Getting out and about. Type busy. : ) I'm also thinking we might either have Dominoes for supper. Friday night or we'll eat out someplace. But...since I'll be gone from home all day and evening this Friday...I can't cook. I usually do. But, I don't think it's practical Friday night. So we'll have to think of something. : )

Noboru is taking the boys for a hair cut this evening. And that's about it really. Talk with you all later. : )  Have a fantastic day. I will be having Indian food for lunch today. Yum. I can't wait. : )