Saturday, May 20, 2017

Today's our 20th wedding anniversary...

This pic was taken at the free-standing Tiffany and Co. store inside the Narita airport after clearing security and immigration. They were expecting us and even had our names. : )

As soon as we gave our name we were seated down in a private table and chairs at the back of the Tiffany store. Noboru had been wanting to buy me a platinum ring for our anniversary and he trusts Tiffany and so we went with that. : )

Twenty years ago this very day. May 21st we were married in a Roman Catholic church in Osaka, Japan. His family was there. My family was there. And I married my best friend. 20 years later, 2 sons later. We're still head over heels for one another. And we dated for 5 long years before that, so we were super sure we were each others soul mates by that point. I'm not going to make this long. Not going to make this sappy or emotional. I'm just going to say, I love you honey! Thanks for always making me laugh in the best of times. Thanks for always holding my hand in the hard or sad times. Thanks for being "present" in our relationship every single day. Thanks for taking out the garbage every single week. Because you's your guy job! Hahaha. Sorry! : ) Thanks for doing all the driving and letting me be your co-pilot (ha!) and letting me always get to pick *all* the music we listen to in the car! But to be fair... I do play good music though, so we're good.  Thanks for attending 99% of all Branden and Noah's observation days, you truly care (hey, sometimes he just doesn't get the day off and I *always* understand when he can't)...because you're such a rock star dad and husband and we know it! Thanks for every time that I see a spider... all I have to do is scream and I know you'll come running with a tissue to kill it! Thanks for the 2 times we saw a snake in the yard. I screamed and you without fear grabbed a stick and removed them to the field next door. You are truly a protector of this house and I love that. Thanks for taking such amazing care of our grass, we seriously have the best most fantastic lawn in all of Japan, because of you! Thanks for taking me for our once a year big vacation every summer, because you know how important that is for an expat living in a foreign land to go back to the US every summer. Thanks for taking me on husband-wife dates once a week for the past 20 years. That means to me... that you truly value me and value our marriage and so do I. Thanks for manning the BBQ grill like a total bad ass, all summer long too. Thanks for being such a wonderful family man, you truly put your family first. Thanks for just being you. If given the choice, I'd pick you and do it all again. 

What are we planning to do today or this evening to celebrate? I made everyone a special breakfast feast this morning. And after that Noboru went outside and did some yard work. Japan has suddenly been super hot the last couple days, but Noboru enjoys being outside in our yard working on things. It's been like 86 degrees F the last couple days. I miss the cooler weather days. Now I can see the hotter days are fast approaching. I rearranged my living room after breakfast this morning with the help of Branden and Noah. The furniture is totally flipped and looks totally different now and I love it. Remember I switched the boys furniture a few weeks back. Now the living room is complete. a nutshell. Our anniversary day has been rather uneventful and been spent at home. This evening the 4 of us will go out to dinner to celebrate as a family. And we're all looking forward to that. : )