Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Today I have observation day today at Noah's elementary school. It is an "open" or go any time today that you'd like... type of observation day. I will be leaving my house today at 11am and stay until the end. I will of course though pop home for lunch, where I have salad fixings here at home for me already prepared. : ) Today is also the "emergency drill" at Noah's school today too at the end of school. Where all parents must show up and all grades wait in nice little rows and you must stand to the side of your child and the teacher goes..."Noah is this your mom?" And he says, yep! : ) And then the teacher will scratch his name off the list and we can go home. So that's happening today too. I have my name badge with our last name on it. I have my slippers in a bag already waiting in the entrance way of our house. And my makeup is on. I have on a navy blue short sleeve tee shirt that's a v-neck. And a navy blue summer (light weight with UV protection) cardigan, I love Japanese summer cardigans so much. I am wearing distressed capri (boyfriend cut) jeans from Old Navy the really faded ones. And I will be using my Ralph Lauren with big pony bag I bought last week at Costco, you know the one. : ) Just wearing regular casual clothes (jeans, tee shirt and a cardi). It's 69 degrees F today. It's superly gray outside today, it's been raining off and on all day long. It's not hot, but it's not really cold either. But it's humid though. I will be carrying a small foldable black umbrella too, just in case.

I went to the Farmer's market yesterday bought a ton of fresh veggies for super cheap. Bought 4 zucchini (2 yellow 2 green), a bag of onions 2 bags of potatoes, button mushrooms, 2 carrots (because I only need 2), lettuce, salad stuff. I bought more veggies. But I can't pinpoint, right now because my minds on Noah's observation day right now. Oh I also bought 3 fresh melons for 500 yen for all 3 of them. Tonight we're having cream stew. I have 2 chicken breasts defrosting in the fridge as I type. Noboru is home today, because he wants to go and see Noah in class. Aww. : ) And that's about it really.

We have a parent teacher conference for Bran the 2nd week of June. His grades are so super high though and he literally gets along with everyone, same with Noah too. So, it's just a routine conference though. Anyway...I better motor. Have a good day everyone. You know where I'll be at today. At an elementary school in rural Japan watching my kiddo. : )