Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Throwback Thursday...

We get a bunch of free tickets to this place every year. Some years we go and some years we don't. May 2010, our family went to the Narita Athletic Course, it's also called the Narita Airport Course, but there's nothing remotely airport-y about it. It's in my opinion more so, an athletic course. It's fun for adults, it's fun for kids. It's a good place to go and spend an afternoon. I'd say a few hours would be plenty. Don't bring your "good clothes" though... if you know what I mean. Go in your "play clothes" because you will most definitely get dirty. It's just dirt, so it all washes out okay, but most definitely...don't dress fancy shmancy. A t-shirt and a comfy pair of shorts and a pair of sneakers is perfect. : )  In this pic is Noboru, and Noah and Branden about to enter. : )

Noah swinging around.

Branden was doing this obstacle course thing. He did pretty well. We spent a good 2and a half hours there and that was plenty. The kids were sure tuckered out... after all that. : )

Anyway, we're flying out of Japan very soon. And I'll be catching up with you all, when I get back. So...that's about it ya'll...I'll be sure to catch up with you when I get back! : )