Sunday, April 30, 2017

Recent Costco cart pics...

Usually once a month I'll share a Costco post of stuff I bought for the month. I didn't share anything I purchased at Costco in March, although we shopped there once a week in March. So, figured it would be a good chance... to share some pics of what we bought for April. Since today is May 1st. #1, growing up unless we made pasta sauce from scratch.... in a pinch Prego or Ragu was always the one we'd buy, if we were just having a quick dinner. And those 2 brands were always my faves. I think 12 years ago in Japan at Costco we used to get Prego. But it sadly stopped being available. We then... had Classico available and it's meh. It's okay. But the large chunks of tomato in there have never been my kids fave or mine. So...when I was in Costco April 10th, I was happily surprised to see the 3 pack of Ragu pasta sauce for sale. I bought a pack immediately. 
1180 yen for 3 large jars of it. Considering the teeny tiny size of pasta sauce you can find at Kaldi here in Japan. This is a fantastic price!

So April 10th, we just picked up pasta sauce and ham for lunches for the kids for their packed school lunches. 
April 17th, again not huge amounts of stuff, just the basics. A 2 pack of milk for cereal or chocolate milk, that sorta thing, tons of eggs and tortillas. 

This was the day we needed 2 Costco shopping carts. Because we bought a brand new BBQ grill. Let's see what's in this pic. Costco dinner rolls. Costco sandwich rolls. Mozzarella cheese and ricotta (yep baked ziti happened) eggs and lean ground beef under the eggs. 2 packs of chicken breast. Tillamook cheese slices for sammiches. : ) And a rotisserie chicken because the boys took rotisserie chicken sammys the next day in their lunches for school. Also same day... 

Mac and cheese happened and chips because Branden can take chips in his lunch now in high school so he takes a standard American lunch daily more or less now. Meaning sandwich, chips fruit and a dessert. 

Aha, dinner rolls, you can see at this angle better. The lean ground beef on the bottom and laundry detergent 2 pack. And tortilla chips because nachos happened too. We basically did all our shopping before Golden Week kicked into gear. Plus with the BBQ grill too. Because we know Golden Week at Costco will be a mad house. Packed to the gills. So glad we were smart enough to go before GW kicked into gear. : ) 

Unpacking all our Costco stuff at home. We forgot to take a pic of the charcoal. We BBQ-ed last night and it was awesome. : ) for those of you outside of Japan. You may or may not know this week is Golden Week. A string of holidays where most people have no school or work in Japan. Today is Monday May 1st here in Japan. And Noah is supposed to go to school today and tomorrow and then be off school until next week. However tomorrow, Branden has a Field Day type event at his high school. And with it being Golden Week. Noah has a half day tomorrow anyway. And since Bran's school is far. And since Noah's having a half day. And we will be at Bran's event until 3:30pm. We decided to send Noah with a note to school today. Letting his teacher know that Noah will not be at school tomorrow because of a "commitment at his brother's schools in the city"  My priority is to *not* strand any of my kids and considering the distance between the 2 schools *plus* traffic, so when Branden has an event, Noah will just have to come with us and lucky for us, he doesn't have too many events anyway (2 a year?). And since Noah will be out of school from 12 tomorrow in the afternoon and considering Branden's event starts from 8am and lasts until 3:30pm it's logistically impossible for us to warp to our town at 12 noon and warp back considering it's a 1 and a half hours drive one way. Better for us to just let Noah take the day off. That way he can just come with us. Enjoy his day at his brothers school. Have a picnic with us. And then we 4 will all go home together. So that's tomorrow. So Noah only has school today. And then no school for Noah until next week. Meanwhile Branden...has just his Field Day event tomorrow and then he is off Wednesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday, Sunday obviously he is always off on the weekends. And he doesn't need to go to school until next week either. So all Bran has to do is go to his sporting event tomorrow which will be held inside a gymnasium. And then he's free. And his high school sports event is supposed to be a lot different than elementary school and JHS undokai. It's apparently super chill. And not really competitive-y at all. So I'm looking forward to tomorrow to just watch and chill with my entire family. I'm glad we will pull Noah out of school for tomorrow so he can come with us.