Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Out to lunch with my friends...

Thursday, April 27th I had a lunch date planned to meet my 2 girl friends, who I met way back when, my kids were in yochien (kindergarten) We have been good friends for years. And it is always nice to meet up whether we go to a movie or to lunch or to Costco etc. It's just nice getting together and being around like minded people. We 3...each have 2 kids each. They each have 2 daughters and I have 2 sons. : )  They're oldest daughters (they each have a daughter that is 1 year older than Bran). And it's nice being given school information a year in advance. They talked to me *tons* before Bran started JHS and I was all nervous about it. They talked to me even more so when Bran was in his final year of JHS and I was really trying to have a true understanding about "getting into" high school in Japan. Remember it's more like applying to college in the US, you literally have to legit apply to high school and they may say no. And the points system for getting into high school. And by the time Bran applied, I had that whole system pretty much down! Thanks to them and Noboru. : ) So these 2 are my really really good friends. We make each other laugh. And it's nice that they live right in the small city nearest me and if need be, I could zip there in 20 minutes. So I am so lucky to have such good friends so close by. : ) Anyways, we met up at 11am for lunch at Coco's. They have a delicious drink bar. And the best creamiest hot cocoa! My friends love the tea selection at Coco's! They have sodas and you name it, they have it, drink wise. : ) We also ordered lunch and we talked the entire afternoon away. Until it was time to go and pick up our kids. 
One of my friends went to Australia during Spring break! And she brought the 2 of us both omiyage (souvenirs) I thought that was so very thoughtful. And that is the cutest change purse ever! With a kangaroo and a koala and other Australian animals on it. It's so cute! And these Zappo candies. They reminded me of American Starburts a little bit (a candy we have in the U.S.)  and I enjoyed them and I had never seen these cookies before ever. However I am of the mind that cookies from *any* country have got to be delicious and tasty, right! : ) So, I was very excited to taste these. I tried these cookies and they were *so* delicious! Really really good cookies!!! So, all in all, it was a great day out with my 2 besties and a really nice surprise omiyage (souvenirs) from my dear friend.  And she absolutely loved her trip by the way! She said, she and her family really enjoyed their time in Australia.: )