Friday, May 26, 2017

Our anniversary dinner...

Last Sunday, the 4 of us made the 2 hour drive to the city, for our anniversary dinner. We drove to Makuhari to go out to our anniversary dinner. If we would have taken the toll highways, it would have been about US$20 each way/one way and we would have still taken over an hours drive. But if we drove the regular roads, it saved us $40 bucks round trip. Plus we enjoyed the drive. Yes we live in rural Japan at the very end of Chiba prefecture, but we love where we live. When we do get to the city it's a nice couple hours...but boy oh boy is it a pain to get there. But we don't go to Makuhari or Chiba city too often. So it was a nice rare thing for us. And we went to the Outback Steakhouse because it's one of our favorite American restaurants that is available in Japan. : ) 
They bring you fresh hot honey bread with butter and they keep bringing out more all throughout the meal for free. When we lived in the city before our home was built in our rural town, we used to go here once a month. Yep, we used to come here often, when we lived in the big city, when we first moved to Japan. But ever since we moved to where we live now. Wow...we haven't been in here for at least a good 10 years. So a good pick for our anniversary dinner for sure. : ) 

If you show your Costco card you get a free appetizer. I have mentioned that on here before. About 10 years ago, lol. But I'll mention it again now, in hopes this can be of help to someone. : ) We ordered the nachos. The kids and I were not really fans of these nachos. And we *love* nachos as you know. For starters these nachos had zero cheese. What kind of nachos have no cheese? @_@ Just lots of chili beef. No beans at all. Just very...different. Noboru ate them... but he didn't love them either though. And fwiw, they used to sell fried mushrooms here and we would always have that as our appetizer. But not at the Makuhari location anymore. : (  But not bad for free though. Next time we'll have to pick a better appetizer for our family. 

I had the Alice Springs chicken. You can pick any 2 sides and I always pick 2 cheesy butter baked potatoes. Noboru picked the ribs. 

Noah had the chicken strips meal and Bran had an adults cheeseburger meal. The drinks were unlimited. And it was just a nice dinner. I see your dimple Branden.

We also shared a hot fudge sundae on a warm brownie. This was so good. We all left the restaurant so full. Considering the lengthy drive. We all enjoyed our dinner and dessert. We talked a lot. It was just such a nice chill... low key way to ring in 20 years of marriage. Enjoying our dinner with our family was the perfect way to celebrate for us. We hopped in the car and made our trek back to the countryside. We left our house at 3:50pm, because we wanted to eat around 6pm. LOL. We got there around 5:50pm. So we did good timing. We left the restaurant around 6:50pm. And we got home just before 9pm. The kids quickly showered and went to bed. Because they had school the next day..Monday.

Anyway, anything to add? We're having a backyard BBQ for dinner this evening. We're going to be grilling racks of ribs. We bought ribs at Costco when we were there yesterday. So today's plan? Just chilling at home. Watching some good TV. And later in the evening we'll BBQ. Have a good weekend everyone. : )