Thursday, May 04, 2017

Noah's yochien (kindergarten) class reunion...

The first week of February we received a post card that was sent by Noah's former private Catholic yochien (kindergarten) saying that.... for Noah's specific graduating year/class they were having a reunion. That the former principal and gym teacher and all the teachers that were there... during his years of yochien would be showing up and asking for all kids interested in attending to reply/RSVP. So March 29th, on a Wednesday during Spring break Noah got the chance to return to his former yochien and catch up with everyone. Also important to add. Most of these kids are going to the same elementary school together. Except maybe 4. One boy named R-kun lives on the opposite  side of the small city nearest us (awesome super kind kid). He goes to a totally different elementary school than everyone else. So he hasn't seen anyone since age 6. And one little girl moved to Narita. And then Noah and S are from our town. I knew S would more than likely not show up for the reunion because his mom wasn't in love with the yochien like we were and in fact she sent her younger son to hoikuen in our town. So, I knew for the kids who don't get the chance to see the majority of the kids daily. Such as Noah who attends a rural elementary school... he would love the chance to see his original besties and very good friends. I'd say 3/4 of the class showed up for the reunion. See all the drinks near the window? So many drinks. Teas and sodas. And snacks and cakes. As soon as Noah saw his friends and they saw him, it was if... no time had come between them! His former bestie H-kun...ran right up to Noah and hugged him right away! He said...Noah-kun!!!! Hahaha. : ) And they ran and all the boys got along super well, like always. Just like the old days. : ) 
Cakes and snacks galore...
That's Noah in the gray sweatshirt about to kick that soccer ball! And that's his former best friend in the universe.... H-kun in the black shirt and tan pants right next to Noah on his left! Noah *loves* soccer and is so good at it. It was just wonderful that these boys could get together and have a run on one of the playgrounds like this. This is the small little city nearest us obviously. And the girls were there, they were on the other playground... the main playground with the jungle gym on it. The gym teacher was playing with the boys. And the sensei's were all walking around. Some of the sensei's are married now with toddlers and babies. Our best most favorite sensei Yayoi-sensei is not married yet and she still teaches there. She is an incredibly wonderful teacher and very kind, the current kids are so lucky to have her as their teacher. 
All parents and kids were given some strawberry shortcake. 
Everybody did cheers! And they talked and talked and it was a wonderful day for these kids to get to catch up! I absolutely love that our yochien decided to have a reunion like this! : )

The current principal was also there and she is an amazing lady and we know her very well because she was Branden's most favorite teacher. And she used to ride the yochien bus with Bran and G all the way back to our town everyday for their whole yochien lives. So she asked about Branden. And she was always so super kind to Branden. And it turns out, the high school Branden is going to, her daughter attended that same high school. And then Yayoi-sensei jumped in and she also went there too. And they loved hearing Branden goes there. They went to the regular course, I think. And they do know Bran is in the English course... but they both told us what an absolutely awesome school Branden is going to. And so it was really nice to hear that and have that tie with the current principal and the Yayoi-sensei. And the fact they both love that school so much and have such good memories about that school.  All in all it was a good way to catch up with everyone and them with us too. : )