Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Noah's observation day and also emergency drill...

Last Thursday was Noah's observation day. This was for the entire school. Also, same day was our once a year big emergency drill at the elementary school too. In case of...a huge earthquake or whatnot. Our school practices with the students and with the parents. Because when it happens... we will know where to go and what to do. Hopefully none of us... ever have to actually encounter a disaster such as this so close to home...but just in case, we have practiced. So anyways back to the observation day part first. Us parents could go any time of the day, except for lunch. And watch any class. I enjoy that they have class as usual... and don't make it a "special" class just because us parents are there watching. I enjoy seeing what they *really* do. We went to the school around 9:55am. We stayed until 12 noon lunch time. And then we went back around 1:25pm. Because the practice disaster drill would be starting at 2pm.

We also watched Noah during an entire gym class too. So, we stayed honestly for the majority of the day. And Noah was really happy... that as always... both mom and dad are always there for him. Yes we are...always-always! : ) We love you *so* much Noah! : )

And now it was time for the emergency drill to start. We sat near the gymnasium for the longest time. Until they said over the loud speaker to go and stand near the basketball area or near the gymnasium. Since we were already sitting near the gymnasium, Noboru suggested us to go to the basketball area, as it was closer to the "kid pick up point" and I agreed. So, we stood here for a good 5 minutes and then they sounded the sirens...gee whiz they were **so** loud. Like peel the paint right off your house type loud. But of course to be fair... they need to be..in time of real emergency... we all need to hear. The kids came out of the school, single file. 

These are the flags that show a giant 1 for first grade 3 for the 3rd grade, 6 for the 6th grade, ykwim. 

So the sirens are going....and yes like I already said, they're... mind numbingly loud at this point. The kids are coming out of the school like I said single file. I see parents way in the background. 

Go kids go! You are all doing a fantastic job!
All in the rows and grades they belong to. And now the next step...the voice on the loud speaker says in Japanese...slowly walk to your child's teacher and tell them who your child is and they will call the child and then ask the child if you are indeed their parent. Since we were standing close, I got there first. And although the teacher knows me, since we have had him... as Noah's sensei for 3 years. However I still said in Japanese, because you are supposed to...this is practice...so I said... "Hi, I'm Noah's mom, Mrs. X" And he smiled and said "okay Noah you're first!" And when Noah came the teacher asked Noah. "Is this your mom?" Hmm western lady (that the sensei has seen for 3 years straight, he transferred here 3 years ago) plus *extremely* western looking hafu child...I mean duh!!!...but again... it's not personal... it's just practice. So... Noah smiled and replied, "yes!" And then the sensei smiled and said in Japanese, "okay bye you guys!" And we said good bye too. And by now Noboru is walking towards us too. And we left the school. By now parents, grandparents whoever could show for your child was now walking towards the teachers too. We waved and greeted our friends as we passed them and they passed us... on the walk out of school and down the hill. All in all... it was a pretty nice observation day and emergency drill. : )