Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Costco cart pic from last week...

When was it? I think it was 1 week before Spring break started for us. So maybe the 3rd week of March? Somewhere around there. Anyways, remember I had bought that really fabulous red plaid tote bag first week of January at Sony Plaza in Ikspiari shopping mall. I think we took the kids to a movie and to some Kua' Aina for burgers afterwards. I was happy because I wanted a tote bag that looked like a nice classy red scarf material but sturdy and nice and big. My bags *have* to be big! Because I lug a lot of stuff with me everywhere I go. : ) I got it on sale too and I was happy. I think I got it for like 6,000 yen or so, right? I blogged about it, so I am sure some of y'all remember. Anyways, when mid March was here I kept thinking to myself...soon this nice wintry red plaid bag will look too hot to use, now that Spring has sprung. Anyways...I sorta filed it in the back of my mind. And anyways...so I was at Costco we were stocking up because we knew we would avoid Costco during Spring break. Because of the crowds. So...anyway...I saw a perfect sized Ralph Lauren tote bag in a nice preppy navy blue. Now you know...like I have said a hundred times on here. If you see it at Costco...and you *love* it...you better snatch it up, because next time you go it may be gone or sold out. So many bags and shoes are like...they get 1 shipment in and that's it type deal! And I should have bought that navy blue Polo tote. But...I was so busy looking for lean ground beef. packs of chicken breasts. 2 types of cheese. Eggs. You name it, we stocked up on it. And I did not take my own advice. I told myself..."oh they have thousands of those polo bags they will survive 1 week of Spring break. I'll catch it next time. So, I went back the second that Spring break was over and they were gone 100%. I was so pissed off at myself. Why did I *not* take my own advice. OMG! All April, nothing. I screwed up so bad you guys! Now what?! It's not like I live in the US, where I can just zip to Target. Or to my nearest outlet mall. Outlet malls in Japan are super pricey in comparison to American outlet malls in the states. Double sigh. So...I started to think...of a back up. I can check Gap at the malls here in Japan for a summer bag? I can check Old Navy online. I can look locally at the small city nearest me? However...for my day to day type bag. I want my bag to be good quality *but* not over $100. Sure I have fancy bags for important occasions. But I'm talking a normal just run to the town store... to buy a carton of milk type everyday bag. Last week, I was telling Noboru...he knew all about my bag fiasco and how mad I was at myself for not buying it in March like I should have and yada yada. So anyways....I told him last week. You know what...way in the back...where nobody walks...lol...past the washing machines. They used to keep like...computer bags and stuff there. Maybe they're there. Meaning the Ralph Lauren bags. Noboru was like. @_@ I don't think so. @_@ But yeah...we can check if you want. So we had 3 grocery stores to shop at that day and so I snapped this pic at 9:58am that day! May 18th! Considering they had a huge towering stack now they have this tiny puny amount. I was just so overjoyed. I was practically giddy to find them! And the price...sure enough it was under my budget for what I want my everyday bag to be priced at. So awesome! : )  This is about $80 US! So an acceptable price. 

Clearly navy blue is the most popular color, because they had only about 7-9 left in the whole selection of bags. And yes I compared all the navy and found the best of the bunch. And I zipped and unzipped the zipper a couple times... to test it and to make sure it ran smooth back and forth. And when I knew it was a keeper... I threw the bag into my cart and was tremendously relieved. Phew! I have since nicely packed away my red plaid warm winter bag away for next winter. And have been using this one since I brought it home. 

Just so relieved to have found them again. : ) 

We had some lunch and then we headed to Besia and then to Joyful Honda. Then we headed to our town.

Cart pic from last week. 1 navy blue Ralph Lauren Polo tote bag. 1 huge pack of eggs, black pepper, shredded cheese, milk, tortillas and I often spend 35 yen to buy a water, so I can drink it with my lunch and also to and from the stores along the way and for the drive home. Anyway, this is what my Costco cart pic looked like last week. : )