Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Looking for a MAC lipstick dupe at the Narita International airport Duty Free. A new Amazon order arrived (2 DVDs and 1 book), 10 serrano chili plants arrived too. Plus the rice Noah grew at school...

I wear makeup about 3 times a week. However I like my makeup to not *look* like I'm wearing makeup. Do you know what I mean?  Everyone has a MLBB out there. Some of you have found yours, some of you maybe haven't found yours yet. And maybe you're more so a bold red lips fan and hey that's okay too. But as for me...I have always avoided a strong lip. Strong makeup. In high school and college, I would just use a clear lip gloss and call my lips done! I just don't want my makeup to mask or overpower my face. And then I was listening to a beauty Vlogger and she said..."my lips but better" and explained it as a shade "just" like your lips but just better. And she's a brunette and is about 1 shade darker skin color than I am. But since her hair and coloring isn't too off from me and I trust her suggestions anyways. I wrote a few she liked down from the drugstore and tried them, when we were in Hawaii last time. I think I tried about 3 or 4. They were all from the drugstore. And while I did like all her suggestions. The one that was truly my MLBB was this...the Loreal Glossy Balm in the shade Lovely Mocha. She too said this was her closest match too. And it's mine too. I have since gone through a full one of these and this one is nearly out too. I do have 1 brand new spare upstairs. And I will forever repurchase this one. Because #1 it's affordable. Plus it suits me the best. The only down side is... after a while the tube looks old. And my lipsticks stay in my small cosmetics pouch in my bag...meaning they don't float all over my purse. So it's weird it looks this scruffy. My high end lipsticks look like new, but this one it's seen better days. And add to's a tad embarrassing to touch up my lips with this scruffy lippie on important days like graduation day or entrance ceremony day. So, while this is my ride or die shade. I will use for typical normal days. I knew I needed to find a dupe. Except...where as most people look for cheaper dupes of higher end products. I was looking for a dupe in reverse. LOL. I needed an exact 100% identical dupe that I can use on important days and the tube won't look all old and busted.  

Yep color #200 but also has a name and it's Lovely Mocha. 
On our way to Guam last week. We had about 2 hours to kill before our flight. And the reason we wanted to get through the TSA at Narita Airport and go to the Duty Free area is because there is a Tiffany and Co. Free-standing shop downstairs (meaning not inside a duty free store but an actual Tiffany store all by it's self, a free standing shop, but everything you buy, would still be duty free) and Noboru was set to buy me my present from Tiffany and Co. From a month beforehand and considering buying at the actual free standing store and considering it was 20% off, was a fantastic deal. We had already knew what I was going to be getting. Noboru had phoned them at Narita airport twice to make sure they had my ring size I needed in stock. And so when we went in there, they had my size and 1 size smaller and 1 size larger set aside for us. They took us to a nice table and chairs and I picked the right size, that I felt was a perfect fit, the lady checked and said that was her pick for the size for me too and Noboru agreed too, he thought the same and then Noboru paid and that only took about 25-28 minutes. It didn't take too long at all. We thought we'd be in there longer, which is why we ended up with so much free time. So...after we exited Tiffany's. A fabulous cosmetics Duty free was right near with Addiction (a great brand) and may other brands but they had Mac. And I love Mac and I asked Noboru and Noah to help me find a lipstick dupe of my Loreal one and I pulled my Loreal out. And the Japanese makeup artist. An amazing wonderful makeup artist. Asked me if she could swatch my Loreal? And I said "of course, please" An she swatched it and she went through about 30 MLBB shades and she said this ones too orange... this one leans too dark.. this one leans too pink. I mean she was relentless. She even said...this one is close, but not an exact match. And she went through every shade and if you know Mac they make hundreds of shades. And then she had a hit! And she said compare these. She also said, I think this is a match. And I swatched both on my wrist too and sure enough. An exact match. This lady was like the best lady. She has no idea, how much I appreciated her help. Also at the duty free in Narita airport all their Mac stuff is in English. Where as if... you buy in a regular shop in Japan the names are in Japanese. So a plus buying at duty free plus they're loads cheaper. 

Cosmo. I have heard of this shade before on YouTube and would have never guessed this would be the perfect dupe for Loreal Glossy Balm in Lovely Mocha, but it is. Go figure. : )

I'm really glad to have a dupe. : ) Next time I fly out of Narita airport and I have some time to kill, I will definitely be hitting the makeup counters again. They rock at Narita airport and they're so helpful too. : ) 
One of my orders arrived. Two more are on the way too.

Fools Rush In with Mathew Perry and Salma Hayak, this is such a cute movie, I have loved this movie since it first came out. Rogue One (right on) And sadly...can't believe it's been a full year since Prince died. His ex-wife Mayte Garcia wrote a book about her life before Prince, during Prince and after wards. I watched her on a reality series, I think it was canceled a few years ago, but it was called Hollywood Exes. I really liked that show. And she was always pretty quiet about Prince. When I heard she wrote this book, I was curious what she had to say since she's always been super quiet about him, even when he was alive. And I read on Amazon that so many people thought she was so respectful of him. In the way she wrote this. And I! I should read that. And so yep, I will start reading this, this coming weekend. : ) 
Ya'll know we live in a real rural town here in Japan, right? Online the term "rural" usually only applies for folks who live in a town with less than 15,000 people in it. The fact our town has barely 5 thousand people in it. Means yes...we live in a *real* true rural town. Anyways...all 5th graders in our elementary school plant rice. Branden planted rice when he was a 5th grader. They even helped cut it down. Anyways Noah also planted it last year and they looked after it for the full rice growing season...they even cut it down... it's been drying. And was finally ready to be given to the kids who planted it and looked after the schools rice field all last year. All the 6th graders received a bag of the rice they grew. 3 cups of rice for each child/student. : ) Noah proudly brought this home last Monday. And I made it to go along with our dinner... that very night. Good thing because I was just about to make the rice after I brought Noah home. : ) The rice is very white and such high quality. The kids did such a good job with their rice crop!

What beautiful rice. Yep Noah and his class did a great job. It's little things like this...that make me love living where we live. I love living in rural Japan! The kids get such a fun upbringing! These cool smart country kids! : )
In other news our chili's came. 10 serrano chili plants! These are supposedly hotter than jalapenos. And we need the heat for my pork green chili. Noboru and I spent about 30 minutes outside together this morning planting the 10 into bigger planters. 

A random pic of Noah about to hop on his very cool mountain bike (used to be his brothers) and go and play with about 3-4 of his classmates. As long as the weather is good. And his homework is finished. He is more than welcome to go and get some country kid play in! Which means being unplugged and not screened on any device. It means actually riding his bike...or playing tennis up at the tennis courts in our housing community. Just being a regular kid in the outdoors, getting plenty of exercise. This summer more than likely they'll be off trying to catch zarigani/crawdads in the streams or beetles in the trees. Typical inaka/rural boy stuff. : )