Sunday, May 21, 2017

Cool Japan! Clear tea, have you seen it yet? Suntory Premium Morning Tea...

Has anyone seen this yet? Or tasted it? I took this picture about a month ago, it's in my April 2017 file. Let me go and check for the exact date brb. I snapped this pic April 26th, so a few days shy of a full month ago. I also must point out, that I do a once a week big grocery shopping in Inzai City weekly. I hit at least 3 shops on that day. Costco, Besia and Joyful Honda. Sometimes others. So, I do get to see what's new. What just came in to the stores or shops for us in Japan. I also go to a handful of stores in the small city nearest me on a different day but once a week too and I do go to the 1 store in town too. So, I do go to many different grocery stores and get to see all sorts of new products. Remember when I snapped that Calpis Water? Yeah now it's everywhere and doesn't raise an eyebrow, but I remember when it first came out and I shared it here. Anyways back in April, I spotted this right away at the Besia grocery store in Inzai and I bought 2. One for Branden to take to high school the next day. Kids drink their own drinks or can buy them at the school. And I bought one for Noah too. Noah had it that very day, as soon as he got out of school. This sort of reminded me of Crystal Pepsi. Does that make sense? Because when most people think of a cola, they think a brown or caramel colored soda. That's the color I think of when I think of Coke or Pepsi. And so when Crystal Pepsi first came out, I thought...clear Pepsi? 7-Up, Sprite are clear, but a clear Pepsi was a tad mind blowing at the time. I do think the world did get over it. But yeah it was a bit surprising at first. And now...when I think of an iced tea in summer time with a twist of lemon in it. I think a nice light brown tea colored drink. So yeah as I was cruising with my cart at Besia and I saw this @_@ I stopped for a second and thought to myself...Crytsal or clear tea? What the....???@_@ So, like I said, I bought 2 for the kids. 

Branden said when he took it out at lunch back in April, the whole class was like..."what's that?!!!" He said, "tea I think...but I don't know either, my mom just bought it at the store the day before." : )Bran said he likes the taste of this too. Noah likes the taste too. And this is now everywhere in Japan and even at conbini's/convenience stores near Bran's school so even though I buy him/make sure he packs 1 drink from home daily... he also buys one at school or along the way to school too. And he often buys this. That's how much he likes this. : ) Anyway...would you believe I have not tasted this one yet? Maybe I'll give it a try this coming week. : )

Anything new to add? We went to the Outback Steakhouse last night for our anniversary dinner. It was awesome. Today, tomorrow and Wednesday Bran has major tests. However in high school you only take 2 tests a day and get to come home early. For example, Branden got out of school at 11am today. He will get out that time tomorrow and Wednesday too. His tests today were just math and science. High schools here don't want to stress kids out. And that's probably why Branden has zero stress at all. In JHS though, at least for ours...they tested you all in 1 darn day, all 5 subjects, so it was like 1 day of hell. And kids were stressed to the max. High school is *so* much nicer than JHS. I will be picking up Bran from the train station soon. What's for supper tonight? A nice tender big ol' pot of beef stew. Tomorrow night it's going to be American style fried chicken tenders and mashed potatoes and gravy and veggies. But tonight just a nice simple pot of beef stew and a side of rice. Anyway, I better hop in my car and get myself to the train station to go pick up Bran. Noah gets out at normal time 3:45pm, but we'll both be there to pick up Noah as soon as school lets out. : )