Sunday, May 28, 2017

Chili update...

I shared this pic about a month ago. Was it a month ago? Around then. Anyway I had mentioned that we bought 10 serrano chili plants and even shared this pic, but I haven't updated since then, so I better do that now real quick. 
We planted them about 2 days after we received them. 

We have 10 total... however one is currently sick and in quarantine by us. Hahaha. These are the 9 healthy ones.

Here is the one chili plant that is currently being separated by us, because he looks ill. Could have something catchy. He looks quite bad. His leaves are all yellow. If he has something like a fungus or something catchy... we don't want him to give it to the healthy plants, so that's why he's split up from the others. Also...the flowers in our hanging baskets are not doing too good. Remember we ordered red flowers and they sent  us "light red?" LOL! They're hot pink or purple. years prior, they took off beautifully and thrived. But this year... they're just not thriving at all. Last year at this time, they were triple this size and flowering beautifully. However in contrast... right now...3 look stunted and 1 looks near death. We have no idea why the quality of the flowers changed so drastically from the ones they sent us in previous years. But we're going to try about 2 more weeks to nurse these flowers back to good health. But honestly, it doesn't look good. It doesn't look like they'll make it. So we're already starting to think maybe we can just go to a homecenter in Inzai or in the small city nearest us and replace these flowers with strong healthy ones. Hmmm. What a total bummer because #1 plants and flowers are not cheap or free. And it does cost to replace. So while we can replace them no problem. It's just...sad because we have never had to replace flowers before... but it looks like we're going to have to. So...anyways...the progress in a nutshell is this. 9 of the chili plants are growing and thriving and 1 is sick or ill. But still 9 is better then none. So chili wise... we're feeling pretty good about the chili progress. And about the flowers in the hanging baskets. *Sigh* maybe we'll have to replace them with some healthier flowers? We'll see. I'll keep you all updated in a few weeks. : )