Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Branden's high school trip to Tokyo Disney Sea...

Hi you guys! I have about 3 posts that are getting super old. As in... happened way before Golden Week. And before they are outrageously superly out of date, I would like to post them. I hope to get all 3 posted today. But heck...I'd be just happy if I could get 2 of them up. So...either 1 or 2 today. Just letting ya'll know now. I'm just posting 2 (hope for 3 though... that would be the best) because like I said, they're getting pretty old, but I do want them up for memory purposes. : ) Anyways, so on Friday April 21st. Branden and all of the new high school students went to spend a day at Tokyo Disney Sea. All 10th graders went. All the regular kids in the regular program. All the English course kids. And the genius kids went too. Basically everyone who belongs to this high school and who is in the 10th grade went. The regular class kids and genius kids took the same limousine buses to Disney Sea. And they study in the same part of the school too. However the English course kids had their own bus, that only English course kids could be in. And I just add that... because while all the kids get along really well. They really do. They do separate the kids that way, because they want the English course kids in an English speaking environment and that's why they are separated from the rest of the 10th graders. Which is fine though and they all do get along. : ) Also as you know there are only 4 boys total in the 10th grade... Branden being 1 of the 4 in the 10th grade class. So even though there are 3 English (course) kids and 1 genius boy (remember boys are not allowed in the regular course. So...even though the genius boy had to ride on the regular bus to Disney. He did have a plan to ride the rides with the other 3 boys. So those four 10th grader boys hung around together the whole time at Tokyo Disney Sea. And the genius (super smart) boy is super nice. And gets along super well with the 3 English course boys. So this picture is of, Branden's lunch at the NY Deli inside Tokyo Disney Sea. And the other 3 lunches or trays you see belong to 2 of the English (course) boys and the 1 lone genius course boy. Branden ordered a Reuben (sandwich), fries and a soda. 
His school was smart to have the freshman class go to Disney on a weekday. Also it was a gray overcast day, so the weather was comfortable to walk around. It never rained. Though I did pack a tiny folding umbrella in Bran's school bag. Also uniforms were mandatory for all high school kids to wear at Disney, since they were on a field trip which is understandable. And even though carrying a backpack would have been easier to lug around Disney all day long, the school sent a letter that stated all kids must use the school appointed high school bag. It was fine, but just not as easy to lug around if it would have been a backpack. If it would have been a backpack it would have been super easy to carry around Disney. So...if you do ever go to Tokyo Disneyland or Sea and wonder...why do all those high schoolers wear their uniforms? It's because they're more than likely on a class field trip there. And the uniforms and carrying the bags are indeed mandatory. And there were 2 head teachers/officials that went and they walked around all day long making sure everyone was behaving right and using the school appointed bag etc. : )

The kids tickets were bought as part of our school fees. So we didn't have to pay for Branden's entrance into the park. However, we do always give Bran around $100 US. 10,000 yen that way, he can buy lunch or souvenirs or popcorn that sort of thing. He brought back these cookies. I love this tin, it's so cute! Inside were strawberry cookies, butter cookies, banana cookies and chocolate cookies. : )

Easter chocolates...

These were delicious too. All the kids went from like 8am. And they all met up at 4:30pm. To get on the buses and head back to the train station near the school. From there... the kids all got off the bus and they all went their separate ways to catch trains back to wherever everyone lives. : ) I was waiting at the train station in my town with Noah in the car and we were happy to pick up Branden. : ) We came home and he told us all his fun stories from that day. I meanwhile had his supper ready. The rest of us already ate. All in all, Branden had a wonderful time getting to spend the day at Tokyo Disney Sea with his new classmates!!! : )