Monday, May 22, 2017

Blanket washing...

Exactly 7 days ago. Last Tuesday May 16th, was my great big blanket washing day. I wash everyone's top and fitted sheet and pillow case once a week like clockwork, because it's thin and can fit easily in my washing machine at home. However every 2 weeks, I wash the whole kit and caboodle of every one's bed. Thick comforter. Duvet covers. In winter the thick fleece type blankets in summer the thin towelket type summer blankies. With 1 queen sized bed of bedding and 2 twins. On big blanket washing's best for me to just run everything to the laundry mat and do it all in 1 fell swoop versus doing load after load to infinity at home. So, everyone knew where mom (me) was going that morning. And as soon as Bran went to the train station and 45 minutes later I dropped Noah off at elementary school. I came home stripped 3 beds down. Put everything inside my trunk, grabbed my dryer sheets and headed to the one and only laundry mat in town. I used 2 huge blanket washers. This one has a lot of stuff from every one's bed. 

This one has the duvet from everyone's bed. The plain white comforters that go inside all our duvet covers. Duvet covers were washing in the other washer. After getting my 2 washers started. I sat in my car and read my magazine that I had brought. About 10 minutes after I arrived... here comes Saya-chan's mama. Saya-chan is the sweetest kindest girl who had been Bran's classmate since the first grade. She's also an only child. Anyway, so her mom was blanket washing too. : ) So a quick wave and smiles between us both. And back to my magazine I went, S's mom is about 8-10 years older than Noboru and I, super nice lady though. : ) 

Then I came inside and tossed my blankets now into the dryers. I used 3 dryers and put 3 coins each because I wanted my blankets hot and toasty and fresh and clean. At that point in came Saya-chan's mom too. Her laundry had finished and she put hers into the dryer. And she asked how Bran has been enjoying high school. He absolutely loves it, I told her. How's Saya-chan doing, I asked. She's really happy with her school too. Aww. Cool. : ) And after a brief chit chat, before you know it, my laundry was done. And I said good bye, see you around. : ) We live in the same housing community so of course we will still see each other. : ) And I left. : ) 
And now I was home and back to making all the beds now. I put Noah's fitted sheet down. Then this quilted yellow elephant fitted one on too. And now that the weather is getting hotter. I packed the warm fleece blankets away the day before. And I washed the towelkets for everyone. Noah's is Paddington Bear. These are perfect for sleeping on in the summer. And they also have one to cover up with too. 

Noah. : )

Now it was time to put Noah's freshly washed white fluffy inside blanket inside his duvet cover. 

And nice and fresh and clean. Smells so wonderful! You will have wonderful dreams in your bed kiddo. : ) 
Branden. : ) Yep, I made Bran's bed too. All nice and fresh.

You will sleep wonderfully with fresh bedding!

After making the beds. I vacuumed the upstairs. Then the downstairs. Swooshed and bleached both toilets. Bleached the kitchen counters. And then I took a 1 hour much deserved rest. I had a ham and cheese sandwich. And a jasmine tea. I laid down on the couch and watched a little TV. Oh yeah...I forgot to mention I also switched the couch winter blankets to the summer towelkets we lay down on the couch. So they're fresh and clean too. I laid on the couch after my lunch and about 60-70 minutes later of rest, I got a jump start on dinner. And then of course, I made my after school pick ups. Picking up Noah from school and then Bran from the train station. After supper. I quickly cleaned the kitchen and threw everything in the dishwasher. And I went up and took myself a nice hot soapy shower. And I relaxed on the couch in my night gown/sleep tee would be more accurate (knee length) and I felt myself starting to doze off around 9:30pm. I was exhausted. Really really tired. So, I went upstairs to sleep. : )