Thursday, April 27, 2017

Throwback Thursday...

Happy TBT everyone!!! Today's Throwback Thursday is going to be *so* super cool and amazing! Because it just is and you will love it! And it's so...coming full circle, if you know what I mean! You'll see. Last week, when I was making last weeks TBT. Which also happened to be, 1 day before Branden was about to go on his excursion/class trip to Tokyo Disney Sea with his high school. I... by sheer coincidence while looking through April pics. Found these. And I was awed! And I truly marvelous to find such fitting photos 1 day before Branden took his school trip as a high school student there. How truly amazing it was to find these pics. What good luck!!! Here is Noboru and Branden, in 2008 in April at Tokyo Disney Sea. She had to check to see if Branden was tall enough to ride the ride. And Noah was obviously way too little, so he and I sat this one out. But we looked out and watched and I meanwhile took pics. Meanwhile also pictured is a high school boy on his high school class trip wearing his high school uniform and high school bag. Little did we know... someday in the distant future Branden would be taking *his* high school trip at the same exact amusement park! 
More high school students on their class trip back in 2008. Once again. This year, 2017 it was *my* son who became the high schooler and he was taking his class trip to Tokyo Disney Sea. And perhaps there was a child there at the park in 2017 and his mom snapped a pic of her child with Bran in her background. How cool, just thinking about it. Oh and fwiw, I was having my camera pointed at the exit for this ride and this was my practice shot. : )And yep, boy and girl high school students on class trip in this picture in 2008.
High school students on their high school trip on the right and a wee little Branden in his bright yellow rain coat happily running towards Noah and I. Noah meanwhile... saw Branden and ran towards him and Noboru. 

Aha there is my little blondie!!! Noah had the lightest shade of hair when he was little. And the blondest eyebrows. Even at age 11, he still has lightest hair than anyone in his class and school.  

The only thing I can think of is. Enjoy every stage of your kids! Enjoy the heck out of their toddler age! Enjoy their elementary years too. Spend time with them. Listen to them. Laugh with them. Just love them and be there. Be present. We took our kids to Tokyo Disneyland or Sea twice a year. Not every week or every month. But we did it as a special treat. We also did small stuff like having movie nights at home. Or taking them hunting for crawdads/crayfish in rural Japan where we live. Backyard BBQs. Or just sitting on the couch watching TV together or playing a round of Sorry or Monopoly on the kitchen table. We took cheesy pictures ALWAYS. We did goofy and silly things weekly. We cook and bake together even now. And believe me...they'll remember all this stuff when they get older. And they'll love you for it! They truly will! : ) Like this pic...Branden was pointing at this silly Spring dessert. And I could tell he wanted I said..."you like it...make sure you order it!!!" : ) And he did. And well... he still has this cup! : ) He also had a sandwich and fries and regular lunch stuff too. But yep. Kids will remember the quality time and the quantity too. : )

My sweet Noah : ) 

And a family sharing a coconut soft serve. And me meanwhile trying really hard not to notice that this lady in the background of my pic was basically PHOTOBOMBING every pic I tried to take. All I wanted to do was take a pic of both my kids. And instead of her just acting like a normal human and turning around and let me take pics of my children. She faced my camera directly and stared straight into my lens. Has this ever happened to any of you? I mean...I snapped about 30 pics and she just stood there staring and never looked away. Did she want to be in my picture THAT badly? I mean...OMG...who does that? That lady was a real freak-o! Total weirdo! Oh well...I do love the pic though... because it shows how much Noah adores his big brother. His eyes were always on his brother. : ) Such big wide innocent eyes. 

Of course we had to take pics of this. Branden was tall enough, but Noah was sadly not tall enough. It's okay though... there were a lot of rides Noah could ride. Right cutie patootie? Right! : )

My little blondie holding onto his daddy's lap... just in case the ride got too scary. So he was holding onto Noboru's leg for safety. Hahaha. : )

Yay, we 4 just got out of that ride and it was fun. 

So today's TBT is just a gentle reminder to enjoy your child at every age and every stage... because if you thing you know... they'll be on another stage and you'll miss it. So just enjoy it all. Enjoy every stage. I'm so glad I enjoyed it all. And in fact I still am. Lucky for kids are still kids. They're just 11 and 15 and I have *many* fun filled years left with them. And I'm not taking any of our days or years for granted! Gosh I love you Branden! You are such a sweetheart. 

Branden asked me to take this pic because he wanted me to share that he was tall enough to ride the big kid rides!!! Awww! And I am so glad I took this pic! : )

And their lovely, silly cheesy amazing and corny Ultraman poses! Which I lovelovelove! And I am *so* glad that they were carefree enough to take these. Being just 2 silly brothers at Tokyo Disney Sea back in 2008!!!

I hope you had as much fun at Tokyo Disney Sea last week, as you did in 2008! I love you Branden! : )