Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Throwback Thursday...

Since it's April, I pulled these pics from my April 2008 folder. I love that I documented even the most mundane day to day type tasks. Such as mopping my floor once a week. Granted I didn't take pics, every single week while cleaning of course. But yes...sometimes I did. And I'm glad, I did that. That way I can look back and see...yep regular life going on here. Doing the boring stuff... that every other household has to do too. 

Noah was just 3 years old and in his first year of yochien (kindergarten) and Branden was in the first grade and at elementary school in our little town here in rural Japan. And heck...if I could quickly scrub the house down a little each day. And also manage to get dinner prepped and ready before everyone got home. Then, I was a happy mommy. : ) I now see a bright colored cup and so, I know my toddler Noah was home. I bet he was taking himself a little nap on the couch. And this gave me time to get a start on dinner. I see a head of lettuce... 

Yes 3 trash cans. Ones for burnables (regular trash) and one is for glass and cans. And the other is for plastic bottles (like soda bottles for example) I also like that while I cut up my lettuce, I can watch my kids in our backyard. We have a fenced in backyard and we used to have a huge jungle gym/playground for our 2 kids, you can see it in this pic. But we got rid of it last year and gave it to another family with younger kids. Since our kids got older and stopped using it. But yep...when they were younger, I loved my big patio window so I could watch the kids while I cooked. Of course, Noah was sleeping while I chopped this lettuce on this particular day. But other days. I would definitely keep an eye on them while I cooked. : )

Aha, I see a salad starting to take shape.

Karaage (Japanese style chicken nuggets) marinating in a Ziploc. 

Plating up and getting a family of 4, all served up and ready for dinner.

Ice-cream for the kids for dessert because...well...the first grade and kindergarten can be tough. : ) Hahaha. A little serving of ice-cream always helps. : )  Anyway...that's 1 day frozen in time and I'm so glad I took pics from that day and I am happy I can share them with you all today. 

Here is another random evening captured again from 2008. The Hard Rock Cafe used to be at the Narita Mall. But it's been gone from there... for ages. However...when it used to be there, we loved it. And would go there to enjoy a dinner every 2-3 months or so. : ) I ordered a chicken sandwich this day. Pictured here. With a side of fries. 

Noboru ordered a burger. And both the kids had a chicken strips and fries kids combo for each of them. 

After dinner, we took the kids for some ice-cream at Baskin and Robbins. Which is also at the Narita mall.

Hi Noah! Love your Converse by the way! : )
Hi gorgeous, love your Adidas too btw! Anyway...we were about to leave from swimming school when I took this picture. : )