Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Throwback Thursday...

Since this coming Sunday will be Easter Sunday. I thought it would be fun to take a quick little stroll down memory lane on 2 of our past Easters. This picture is from 2008! We have celebrated Easter every single year that we have had kids. And I celebrated it my whole life too. It's really important to me... to teach my kids, my culture. This way they can know about Japanese culture and also my culture too. : ) 

We always have an egg hunt! 
Awesome! And now this is 2 years later from the previous pics. This is from Easter 2010! I had an Easter party with friends at our home Easter 2009, so I am not sharing those pics today. : ) The boys definitely look 2 years older, since the pics up above. We had a lot of low key fun planned for that day. Just noshing on some Easter candy. Coloring some eggs. Hiding the eggs about 5 times... if not more! LOL. And we also planned to have a backyard BBQ. Just very relaxed though...just very lean Costco ground beef. So we made chargrilled cheeseburgers and some fries. Again...kicked back and low key is our style. So that's what we did that day. : ) 

A gray overcast day. But it did not stop us... from the 4 of us being outside and coloring our eggs. We dyed the eggs. We let them dry. We decorated the eggs. And then the boys went inside the house. No peeking!!! : ) And I hid them all over the backyard. 

They looked all over! Such fun! : )

Daddy had rolled out the cold BBQ grill from the shed for later in the day. But Noah did look for an egg in there and yes there was one in there! Bran in the background looking hard for an egg too. Hope ya'll can find where I hid all the eggs! Good luck! : )
I think I should do a Spongebob....4 hours later!!! LOL. Later after about a billion egg hunts. I hid the eggs twice. Bran hid them for Noah once. Noah in his toddler-ness tried his best to hide them for Bran. Noboru hid them for the kids once. Gee whiz when all was said and done. We were all egg hunted out. And it was time to start our simple BBQ. Keeping things super low key means no stress. And that's good, because I don't want any! : )  

Just a simple backyard BBQ. And we just chilled at home for the remainder of our Easter Sunday Funday!!! : )