Thursday, April 13, 2017

Summer clothes shopping for the boys...

Thank you, United States Postal Service! And thank you dad for forwarding things to me in Japan, you rock! Old Navy may have left Japan, but I still have access to it. 

A good bunch of things for me. Short sleeve tees. 1 pair of shorts. 2 pair of summer material capri pants. I showed ya'll pics of what they looked like on the website a while back. And they did indeed get here. 

Bran's 2 items. Soup Nazi, we love you because you make us laugh!!! Bran will be rocking this hilarious tee all summer now and a cool pair of pineapple swim trunks. 

Noah's 2 items. 2 very cute preppy short sleeve tees. 

We also hit the Gap since Japan, still has Gap in Japan. Thank goodness. One bag of stuff for Noah and one bag of stuff for Bran. The super stuffed bag is B's. : ) 

We love you Gap. And FYI, I find in America, where Gap originates from. The Gap outlet in the USA is super cheap. And the regular Gap shops in the USA are normal priced. However I find in Japan, the Gap outlet is not very cheap at all. And I honestly find the regular Gap stores in Japan cheaper than the outlets here... because the regular Gap in Japan... always has sales. Super good sales. 

All pull up shorts... meaning stretchy waist band shorts were on sale for 1900 yen a pair last weekend. And they had a *ton* of wicked styles and designs! I picked this outfit for Noah. You know his favorite colors are yellow and orange. and yes they still are his faves. So, he ran right to these boy orange colored shorts with manly sharks on them! LOL. And I found the best tee that matched the shorts. It's a bunch of surf boards. It's a *gorgeous* outfit. And will be perfect for Noah all Summer. This just looks like a Noah outfit doesn't it? Hahaha. Yes it does! : )

Again...picked up another pair of the 1900 yen shorts. And I walked around the boys department looking for the perfect shirt to match the shorts and found cute!!! This super cool pineapple surf shirt will be rockin' with the shorts. 

And the back of the pineapple surf shirt says...tropicool. LOL. Instead of tropical. We loved this! Oh and the white tee with surfboards has something written on the back too. 

I always and I do mean *always* read clothes reviews at and see what other fellow American moms or parents have to say about the clothes. I am specifically looking for issues with sizing and if the color is the same irl as what it appeared online. And this year seems that a whole bunch of American moms have been complaining on Gap's USA website and saying...their clothes are running *so* small this year. The comments/reviews I read..I took with a grain of salt. Because sometimes kids in the USA can be really overweight now days. Kids now days... just seem way more overweight than when I was growing up. Maybe it's because kids in my days...we went out and rode our bikes. And we played hide and seek etc. We were active. Or maybe it's because in Japan kids are leaner here. So anyways...I did take the reviews with a grain of salt, like I said. now we are in the Gap store in Inzai, Saturday a day before Bran and his dad took the train to his high school and a practice run. I picked all size 12/xl clothes for Noah. Because Noah is only 11. But I figured buying a size 12 would be ample enough/large enough for my skinny minnie. To my shock. Noah snuggly fit the size 12/xl . It ran hella too tiny. Oh the shock...the surprise. My face in the dressing room with Noah was like...what????? @_@ I now flashbacked to all the many many reviews of the moms. And I know for a fact. For FACT that Noah is not 1 pinch chubby. He's as skinny as a toothpick, ya'll know that too. That we know for darn sure. So...I'm like in awe going. Wow. All those moms were 100% right. I'm so sorry for having doubted you guys. It fit like a size 10. That's how small they ran. And...if you are EVER going to use a dryer...hahahaha forget it. So, I called Noboru inside the dressing room and he said...those are absurdly too small. @_@ I said, I know right? I think so too. So, everything I had picked out. I put back and I went and now got everything in an XXL. And it fit perfectly, with enough room to grow. He will be able to wear these all Summer long. The size xl would not have lasted the end of June... that's how small those clothes were. @_@ Wow. Super shocked and surprised. So if you are planning to buy online at Gap this year...maybe try on in the store first. But I do agree with all the reviews...the clothes this year in particular...yes they certainly do run freakishly too small. And this is coming from a mom with a very thin 11 year old. And he's not big or tall and he has no beefy muscles at all either, lol. He's truly just regular normal sized. So if they were too small on my skinny kid....just consider maybe buying in person. Gap clothes 2017 for boys are running very very small, this year.

Size xxl 14-16. Yep, still can't believe it and ya'll know what a lean toothpick Noah is too. But...I really don't care about the number. But I do care... if it fits my child and if it will lasts an entire season or not. 

They had a whole table of tees for 1000 yen about US$9. And so we picked Noah these 2 in size xxl. This was a fantastic deal. I like getting cute clothes on the cheap! Noah so far has 6 new short sleeve tees for this coming warmer weather so far. We're not done yet, but we're getting there. : ) 

So we were now done shopping for Noah and we now left the Gap kids and went next door to the regular Gap, adult Gap. For Branden. Noboru and Noah were now chit chatting in the store. And Bran and I now walked the store looking for clothes. I gave Bran a Gap shopping bag and're a teenager, you know what YOU like and you pick what you like. and so he and I walked around the men's department together. And Bran looked for shorts but they didn't have any good ones. But he did find 4 short sleeve tees that he liked. Branden is a men's size L. But since we were still reeling from the whole... Noah's clothes were all cut ridiculously too small, just 5 minutes beforehand at kids Gap. We picked 2 sizes in the shirts Bran liked, we picked all Larges and XL's. And the men's stuff was not cut too small this year. The XL men's was outrageously too big for Bran. And so Bran is just a L men's. And so he got these 4 tops. Plus his soup Nazi tee too that he got in the mail. far Bran has 5 tees for summer 2017. So it's a huge step forward. Bran now has a bunch of undies. He has a good amount of short sleeve tees now too. Plus he has that cool pair of Vans. Now all we need to do is... look for shorts for B. We will probably hit up Uniqlo or GU soon for his shorts. : ) We're getting there. We're not done summer clothes wise for B, but we're getting there. : )

I have a jean jacket, both my kids also have jean jackets too. We have medium rinse jean jackets. However I have been noticing the *very* faded ones are the cool ones to have now. And I mentioned that to Bran about 2 weeks ago. And he said...he had noticed that too. Noah chimed in and said...I noticed too. Hahaha. Bless his heart, he tries so hard. : ) So...we were specifically looking for a light colored jean jacket that day. They had a bunch of jean jackets for 9000 yen about $85 US. Which is pretty expensive. But we were still planning to get it. But we were still making a lap around the men's department and we walked the sales at the back of the store and they had a whole bunch of stuff. And they had about 5 size small size men's jean jackets 2 mediums and only 1 men's large jean jacket. For only 2999 yen. We went and compared the difference between the 9000 yen jacket and the sale jean jacket. As a mom yes... I am going to do that and see what's the difference. I told Bran...we don't want a half length jacket or anything, so we need to compare. And so we held them both up side by side and they were identical. Same length and everything. So we snatched that size large right up and we 4 went to the back dressing area. Bran went into the dressing room by himself obvs. And we 3 waited near by. The jacket fit perfect with room to grow. 

Like I always say...I love getting cute things for super cheap! 

Such a cute jean jacket for Bran. : )
Branden got new underwear already... so Noah got some too. I picked up 4 packs for Noah, there's only 2 pair each pack. Converse brand. Adidas. T&C Surf, And the French brand le coq sportif. Size 150cm. And now Noah is all set.

Anyway, we're not done with the summer/warmer weather shopping for the boys yet. But we're getting there. : )