Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Progress and update so far on my, "getting fit for 2017"...

As you all know, we spend a great deal of our summer at the wave pools and at the beach. Our entire family loves the water and so that's where we spend a lot of our free time. And although I have and use my treadmill weekly, year round. I really step it up in Spring because I need to have my body flat... fit and fabulous for summer. Usually...every spring I will quietly work harder for my summer body. But this year...I figured...why not document it and sort of invite you all along with me. The good, the bad and the ugly. : ) You know what I mean. Is it all... as easy as pie? Absolutely not! Is it all rainbows and sunshine? No it is most definitely not that either. It's tough. Some days it's painless and it's no big deal. And some days it's tough. So...operation get fit...#2. Right here. I started this... the day after Bran graduated JHS, he graduated March 9th. So I kicked this into gear March 10th. This coming weekend will officially be my 1 month anniversary since I started this. Although I do treadmill at home 4 times a week. And I'm pretty strict with myself on that. I have also been walking outside. And riding my bike too. Some days I go alone and someday I go with 1 of the boys or both. Depending on who is available. But...they both love the quality walk time because it gives us a chance to talk while we walk. And spend time together. These are also the tennis courts where Noah has been playing tennis a lot. And fwiw...Noah is actually a *really* good tennis player. I think it's because the tennis courts are in our housing community and they're readily available. 

This day, I walked around my housing community twice. I wanted to do 2 laps. Most of the time I will do 2 laps. 
Also, I found another sneaky way... to add more exercise for myself. I usually drive to the store. Because it's more convenient. It's easier to throw a ton of heavy 2 liter bottles of drinks home in the car... versus lugging it on a bike, that just makes sense to me. So...thank gawd... that I do have a car and I have a drivers license as my main way of transportation. However...I have decided that once a week, I will go to my local 1 and only store in town and do the shopping by bike. That way....I get extra added exercise in and I also scratch off the shopping. I still will hit the store... the day after to carry heavy stuff. But yeah...going once a week by bicycle has been an amazing way... to add in some extra exercise for myself. This day...Bran and I rode together. The bike closest my camera is Bran's bike and the red bike is mine. Both our bikes look brand new and that's just because they stay in the shed and have never rusted or been rained on or anything. And as soon as Noah went on Spring break we have been taking Noah with us too on our once a week bike rides to the local store too. Noah *loves* going with me and his brother. So he looks forward to our bike rides. We have gone 3 times so far. This is one side of the grocery store. And guess what's right in front of our one and only grocery store? A rice farming machine show room. LOL!!! Life in rural Japan for sure!

This was taken the first time we took Noah with us. And what's on this other side of our 1 and only grocery store in town? It's a rice field of course! Hahaha. You see concrete where my bike is with jasmine tea and whatnot in my bike basket, which that is the store on one side and then you see rice fields like literally direct smack dab right next to our one and only grocery store in town. Ahhh rural Japan, I love you so much! : ) So anyways...all the exercise...the treadmilling, the actual outside walking...the bike riding. I am feeling that my legs are tightening up. Feeling firmer. So...I'm getting there. Now to the food....
My dinner pic from 1 night. This is not a regular dinner plate size... this is actually a salad small plate size. This is 6 karaage. steamed broccoli and 50 grams of rice. The biggest part of my dinner was steamed veggies. The second biggest part of my meal was protein in the form of skinless chicken breast. Granted it was rolled in flour and fried. But...it's life and you can't just stay away from absolutely everything. It would be a miserable existence that way. However...all winter long I would have 10 karaage. And fwiw...my husband and Bran always have about 17 karaage each. And Noah has 12 karaage. So, I still never felt my 10 karaage was extreme-o or excessive or anything. However...I have cut my karaage down to 6 now. And my rice to 50 grams. I know carbs are the devil basically. And while I can stay away from rice no problem. Because I wasn't really raised with rice as a staple. I still miss bread, pasta and potatoes horribly!!! Like legit...one night I actually dreamed... that I was eating Costco dinner rolls. I woke up the next day...I knew I had like 3 ziplocs full of them in my freezer, but I resisted and ate none. But I mean...lol...to dream of bread? @_@ That's nuts. But it's also honest. So...no the less rice... doesn't bother me at all. But the less bread pasta and potatoes is still hard. But again...in moderation. I will let myself have carbs once a day. But it's best if I have none. 

This was my dinner last night. I made a gorgeous chicken veggie stir fry with curry powder. This is so good! The kids and husband had theirs with sides of white rice of course. And if it was me...in winter...I would have joined them with that side of white rice. However...I had an english muffin for breakfast yesterday (carbs) so I didn't allow myself to have any rice with supper last night and you know what...I didn't miss it at all. I enjoyed the veggies, the chicken...I enjoyed the flavor of this dish a whole lot. And I had a glass of jasmine tea (no sugar) on the side. And that was it. My lunch yesterday is pictured down below...
I had a bowl of corn. So yesterday for me, I had 1 Blendy 60 calories, and 1 english muffin for breakfast (I ran out of my yogurts, which I did repurchase this morning by bike ride) and for lunch I had corn... and for dinner I had a stir fry veggie and chicken thing. So...yes I am watching what I eat a lot. I am exercising.

It's now been almost 1 month going low carb. Do I honestly see a difference in my body...by cutting down so much on rice potatoes, pasta and bread? Honestly the difference I see in my body is huge. Branden told me the other day..."mom your stomach is *so* flat" I do admit, I also notice a flatter stomach, granted not that I was bad before....but just winter made me out of shape...also... my husband asked me last night, will you be wearing a bikini this summer and he was being completely serious. I notice...a body change...just with the cutting down greatly on carbs. I'm not starving myself. I'm eating lots of fresh or frozen veggies. I'm eating lean meats like chicken breast. I'm eating bananas. Celery with peanut butter. Yogurts. No sodas. Unless we go to a restaurant. But do I see a difference going low carb. Yes...biggest difference ever. And it's only been about a month. My waist is smaller, my stomach is flatter. And with walking and riding my bike, my legs are getting firmer.

But again...I'm not torturing myself. Like tonight...I'm going to make chicken parmesan on top of pasta. And we'll have garlic bread too. Granted my chicken size can stay the same, because it's protein... but my pasta I will be measuring the size of mine. And instead of 2 garlic breads, I'll have just 1. So anyway...that's the update on that...: ) You know how much I love pasta, bread and potatoes...so you have to know how hard I'm trying. How tough it is still for me. But...I'm doing it. And this summer when I'm at the pool...I will be strutting my stuff. : ) And yeah...knowing the hard work I put into it. I will *deserve* to strut my stuff a little bit.: )