Monday, April 24, 2017

Lunch date with my husband...

Once a week during the weekday while the kids are at school. We go on a date. Though Noboru and I are both born in the 70's people. We will be officially married for 20 years this coming May 21st!!! Yep we were married in 1997. In a day and age where it seems half of all marriages fail and end up in divorce. I'm so happy and proud to have a healthy and strong marriage. Granted that's not to say he's never gotten on my last nerve and I'm sure as heck, that I have gotten on his last nerve before too. : )

I married a man who makes me laugh the most, more than any one ever has. I chose a man who I could talk all day and night long and yet we'd never run out of conversation or things to talk about. I married someone who doesn't care about clothes or fashion. But who is kind, always calm. Reasonable. And my absolute best friend in the entire universe. I love that I can make him laugh so hard... that actual real tears come out of his eyes. I love that, he knows what I'm thinking by just looking at my face. And that I can read him like a book too. And I love that he cares about our marriage as priority #1...yes even after 20 years. And still makes time, once a week to reconnect with me and we can just be us. Not Branden's and Noah's mom and dad. But just be, Noboru and Gina for 1 solid hour or 2,  and have that connection and tune in time. And sure...then we can go back to being mom and dad again. But the fact we always make time for us. Is hugely important. And yes we do connect and talk daily. It's just once a week, we make it just about us. : )

So anyways...Noboru has been dying to go to this coffee shop in Inzai called. Komeda Cofffee? It's a chain in Japan. He has been just itching to go for the past 6 months. And even though we hit Inzai once a week for our weekly Costco run and lunch date. And I would have gladly gone to Komeda Coffee any time that he wanted. We usually are feeling more lunch-y versus coffee and breakfast set type. But last week...we hit all our Inzai shops and tossed everything in the cooler. And we then thought what should be do for lunch? Should we hit the Ohsho? Coco ichiban curry? Lunch at Costco? But Costco lunch is good and cheap... but if you eat it once a week, after a while... it gets hella tiring after a while. So...he said...we could always try Komeda Coffee. And I said...let's go for it. We both each picked an iced coffee, And we shared the pancake with ice-cream with maple syrup. It was delicious but fwiw, it didn't taste like traditional pancakes at all. But it was good. We shared it because are both on this whole...get fit 2017 thing. Would I ever go back to Komeda Coffee? Absolutely and I wonder what took us so long to finally go there. I resisted going there because I thought it would be a Starbucks knock off. But it's not Starbucks-y at all. And Noboru was resisting going there too, even though he also wanted to go. So he too had something holding him back too. My first experiences with Japan were in Osaka because Noboru is from Osaka. And the thing I loved about Osaka was they had all sorts of breakfast shops that sold breakfast sets/combos. It came with a quality breakfast coffee of your choice and an egg (boiled or another way) toast and a salad. They also sold waffles. They were always high on quality and cheap on price around 500 yen. So, we would go to many breakfast set places in Osaka every time we were in Osaka visiting. When we actually moved to Japan. We moved to Chiba prefecture and our area just has no breakfast set places at all. I'm not sure why. Is it a uniquely Osaka wonderful thing? I'm not sure. So yeah. Komeda Coffee reminds me of the Osaka style breakfast set places.

In the morning, if you order a coffee at Komeda Coffee, you get a free/complimentary toast and hard boiled egg or tablespoon or so of amount of egg salad to enjoy with your toast. And for lunch they have sets too. The menu seems really great. The iced coffee which we both ordered...anyway the elderly waiter informed us that they offered 2 types of iced coffee, one is slightly sweetened and the other has no sugar added. I picked the slightly sweetened iced coffee. And Noboru picked the no sugar added iced coffee.

I have never tasted ice cream with maple syrup drizzled on top before. Now that was a first for me. It was actually pretty good. : ) Anyway...we both really loved this place and we'll definitely be back. We enjoyed going here together and talking ourselves to death for a solid hour. And people watching and talking some more. : )