Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Eggstravaganza 2017...

I hope everyone had an eggciting and eggcellent Easter 2017!!! We sure did! As usual, it was just a small little low key thing here at our home for our family. And it was perfect for us! Both Branden and Noah received an Easter basket with a bunch of American yummy goodness inside.: ) 

Just because we live in Japan, doesn't mean I don't make the holidays special. I always give it my all. So my kids will enjoy it. : )

We had music playing in the kitchen. And the kids were coloring Easter eggs. 
I love that my 15 year old is smiley and happy and loves spending time with us. I always heard....that teenagers get so moody and want to just hole up in their rooms. But lucky for us...that's not the case.

Branden, I see your eggs in their little cups.
I think Easter eggs are so pretty. So bright and colorful. Do you know what became of all these eggs? I made a huge amount of egg salad and there's only about 20% left in the fridge still. Everyone loves it around our house, so it never lasts long. : )
What a gorgeous egg you colored Noah! Totally vibrant, I love it! : )

The week before Easter, I bought this pack of Easter cakes. The kids enjoyed them. Japan seems to be really catching on to Easter, which of course makes me really happy! : )

The kids didn't want to draw any pictures on our eggs this year and you know what....that's totally fine. I always want them to color the eggs how *they* want. And hey..if they feel like decorating them further fantastic. And if they just want to color them and do no more...that is totally fine too. : ) Oh and...the weather was fantastic for Easter Sunday. But...the kids didn't want to hide the eggs in our backyard this year.. they wanted to hide them in the house. Now that they're getting older. Though they're only age 11 and 15. I hid them age appropriately...let's put it that way. When they were toddlers, I hid them in easy spots. But this year...I hid them in such HARD spots. My kids could not find 3 of our Easter eggs. And I mean they looked long and hard, but they could not find them. 

In America, when I was growing up, we would either have an Easter ham. A big beautiful honey baked spiral one. Or we'd have a turkey and all the sides. That's if we were having our Easter celebration at home. Now...if we met up with our extended family...we would all meet up at a park and everyone would bring something. Like a 6 foot sub sandwich. And we'd bring 2 buckets of chicken. And someone else would bring a huge amount of potato salad and macaroni salad. Someone would bring pies and chips etc. And drinks. However with living in Japan. It just depends how we feel each year. Once or twice, I made homemade fried chicken and we had mashed potatoes and gravy and salad and those delicious Costco dinner rolls. And 2 other times we had a Costco rotisserie chicken. I think I also roasted a turkey one year. Twice we BBQ-ed in our backyard. It just depends really. This year...we decided on Good Friday....hey why don't we just order some pizza and keep things super chill and low key for Easter Sunday. That way...before the busy weekday starts, we can all sort of just relax on Sunday and I don't have to make a huge ol' elaborate meal. We all agreed and so Sunday...Noboru ordered some Dominoes online and since our nearest pizza places are in Narita City, since we live in a very rural town. He drove the 30 minutes and picked up our pizza. We ordered 2 large pan pizzas. 1 was a pepperoni lovers (double pepperoni) for the kids and a pepperoni and mushroom for Noboru and I. And we ordered a large order of baked french fries. And he picked up some soda along the way too. All and all... how was our Easter 2017? It was awesome. It was low key and chill, just our style. And that's about it. : ) I sure do hope you all had a nice Easter this year too. : )