Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Day trip fun during our spring break! Family fun at Katsuura...

Sunday, April 2nd our family had went to Katsuura. It's about a 2 and a half hour drive from our home. So it's definitely a full day trip, considering the round trip drive back and forth is about 5 full hours round trip. But, it's a gorgeous little beach city. With lots and lots of surfers. Lots of surf shops. It's fun to looks around there. Everyone there is really REALLY cool.  The whole vibe over there is really fun. Our family has been there 3 times in the past 10 months. This time we stopped at a popular Italian restaurant that we considered going to last September. But we tried it this time. And lol, what is that paper on our table that says March 26th. LOL. It was April 2nd. Anyways the restaurant was pretty busy. But our wait was only about 5 minutes. They had a bunch of different flavored oils... for topping your pizza or pasta with... 
Both Branden and Noah ordered the same type of pasta dish. And I ordered a personal sized pizza.

The pizza was amazing. 

We all ordered Cokes and they each came with a slice of lemon and the ice, the man had hand chipped away at it, with an ice pick. So it was really high quality. And the blue bottle back in this pic was water for our table. We enjoyed a relaxing drive there. A couple hours sight seeing and taking many pictures. And then right before we left Katsuura we had a nice lunch. And we started the long drive home. It was an amazing day.

About 45 minutes into our drive back. We stopped along the way at a Besia Supermarket to get a drink each... for the car ride home. I picked a Jasmine tea. And the kids and Noboru each picked a Calpis water!!! Has anyone seen these out yet? I have not tried one... but the kids and Noboru *loved* these and asked me to buy them for them again... when I see them! So...Japan is so big into flavored water now days. And it's very cool to have spotted a Calpis water. So, if you're in Japan and you like Calpis. Be on the look out for this little gem! : )