Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tokyo Disneyland...

Saturday, March 4th Branden and his fellow 9th grade classmates went to Tokyo Disneyland together. Their last trip together as a class!!! Forever and ever. No teachers went. No school officials went. Just about 3 mom's who organized this trip and they went to and from via a big limousine bus. They left our town... super early that morning. And they would meet back up at 7pm to catch the bus back to town. But as soon as they arrived at Disneyland the kids broke off and split off in groups of...whoever was their best friends. Branden of course spent his day with his best friend since yochien (Genki-kun) Pictured in the fedora hat. And their also really good friend Kento-kun. So these 3 besties were inseparable all day long while at Disney. And I did ask Branden's permission to share these. : )
The 3 besties went and had curry at the Country Bear Curry house. The curry there is so delicious! And yes, that is 1 of the drinks that I packed for Branden. The day before, I bought him 3 drinks. One mugicha, 1 yuzu drink and 1 soda. I froze the yuzu drink and mugi tea. And just kept the soda in the fridge and I packed them up in a plastic bag and tossed them into his backpack. He also took Mr. Potato Head as his popcorn bucket. And I packed a pack of peach gum and a pack of grape Mentos. : ) Just in case he needed something to chew on...while in line. : ) 
See this crowd? Yep, that's exactly why I always say...please don't go on a weekend if you can avoid it. Go on a weekday. There's almost no crowds on weekdays and a gazillion people on weekends. But...the date was picked by the powers that be, was fine. : ) The kids enjoyed it anyway. : )

Hello R2-D2...
Kento and Branden. 

Frozen Fantasy. Looks like it was a fun day. The kids all had a blast. And I am so thankful for the mom's who arranged this trip. The kids loved going! : ) 
Since we all purchased the tickets in January as a group. We did also make sure to give Branden ichiman yen to spend. About US$100! That way if he wanted to purchase any food or souvenirs, he could. : )  He brought back his leftover honey popcorn. He and Noah shared it as soon as Branden got home. Noah and I went to pick up Bran at the plaza around 8:30pm. And we and the other parents were happily waiting. And then we saw the great big bus pull in and all the kids got off the bus so happy. : ) 

The only thing Branden bought for himself was the Star Wars drink thermos. He's such a thoughtful boy/teen. He brought back some chocolate crunch, think along the lines of...Nestle Crunch bars. In the Disney Donald and Daisy tin. And the Darth box with cool clip that is now on our fridge were delicious chocolate cookies. And we shared both the chocolates and the cookies. On different days of course. But yum. Very thoughtful. And the Mr. Potato Head mask he bought for Noah. They are very close as far as brothers go. Very close. And he said...many were buying masks and he said..."I'm too old for one...but I knew Noah would like one." Noah was so happy receiving this. I'm just glad I have such kind considerate kids who think of each other like this. : )

He also dated one girl in the 5th and 6th grade in elementary school. Then he broke up with her because he started JHS. And he started dating another girl. The most gorgeous girl of the whole school. They dated for all of the 7th grade and a few months of 8th grade. However...when Branden and his girlfriend were in the start of the 8th grade. His ex-girlfriend from elementary school started JHS too. She's just 1 year/grade younger And she's just so nice to Branden. She always uses the most polite words. When he posted a picture of our Christmas ham a few years back. She was the first to comment and like his picture. And she said..."what a gorgeous Christmas dinner" Again...she's just always so..kind and polite. And well...she got Branden back. before Branden went to Disneyland he asked you think I should buy her something? I said..."oh honey...absolutely!!!" And he was like...okay. And smiling. And this is what he found for her. The tin with Mickey and Minnie holding hands. And it had macaroons inside. : ) Awww. Cute teenage puppy love. And I must point out. In are much more innocent than in the US. They have never held hands or kissed. So it's very G rated puppy love. : ) 

He asked for a special bag. And he passed this to they did their final walk outside at the JHS after graduation. She passed him a love letter. And he passed her this. And all the girls around her were like..."wow Branden gave you something" So all the girls were oohing and ahhing. And I thought that was so cute. : )

Anyway...that was Branden's final class trip to Tokyo Disneyland. And the souvenirs he brought back. : )