Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Throwback Thursday...

Happy Thursday everyone! Dinners done and in the fridge. No, I'm not a superwoman or's just ya'll know... I have Noah's observation later today at 1:50pm and about a bazillion meetings after that. So unless we'd all like to starve to death....dinner had to happen in the AM today! Lucky for my family...I'm freaking good with time management. I'm very organized.. so no problems. I even have time to get this TBT done. Today's TBT has to be short and sweet and right to the point. One pic of each of  my kiddos. This picture is of Branden in March 2008 at swimming school. He started swimming at age 4. Noah started at age 3. Both my kids absolutely *love* to swim! Here is Bran just gliding through the water! : )
And this throwback pic... of this little cuddle bunny... is from March 2009! Noah and I were just about to make a batch of chocolate chip pecan cookies together and share some time together. Noah and I have *exactly* the same color hair by the way. : )

Anyway...I have a packed schedule today. So, I have to motor. Have an awesome Thursday wherever you are! Oh yes...the weather today where we live? Cold, gray and rainy. Alrighty, I have to run! Check in with you all...whenever I can. : )