Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The first bit of summer clothes for the kids...

As you know, I always start getting the kids summer clothes from February. Just a piece here or a piece there. Or a few shirts here and there. Ykwim. : ) I first started right before Valentine's Day when we went to the Loft. And we also went to Gap in Tsukuba Japan. And we bought Noah a pair of summer shorts. So that was the first thing. 1 pair of jean shorts for Noah. And then the next thing was Branden had asked to get a pair of Vans. He was adamant about no laces, that he wanted the slip on kind. So, since we live in Japan, ABC Mart is a Vans dealer here. So we went to the small city nearest us, since there's obviously no mall in our rural town, lol. But we found the pair we liked. And the biggest size they had was a 27.5cm. Which was a men's 9 and a half US size. So, we talked to the lady there. She's like college aged and so super nice, she has sold us every pair of Branden's JHS pure white sneakers for the last 3 years. Since her and I always click. The sales lady said...why don't I see if they are available within the company and if so, you can order the larger size. And they can be delivered to your house. Fwiw, they were not available in his size on the ABC online store for us regular customers, but they were available internally...so the store could order them. So that's what we did. I paid for the shoes. We gave her our address and they shipped them to our front door! What great customer service. 

An American USA size men's 10. And a Japanese size of 28cm. : ) 

That way he can bebop around town in a preppy navy blue pair. 

Before I watched The Big Bang Theory weekly and before I was a loyal Friends fan. I was a loyal Seinfeld fan. I watched every episode countless times. And it comes on every evening on TBS. And so my kids have watched every single episode too. And so when I saw this shirt at Old Navy. In the men's department, I immediately ordered it for Branden. I am so sure... that when we go to the US for vacation or when his English teachers see him on weekends because they do have school trips, they will be dying laughing seeing Branden's tee shirt! It's hilarious. He will be cracking up everyone... left and right with this shirt. : )
And a perfect pair of swimming trunks for Branden! Pineapples! Perfect for a boy who was born on the island of Oahu! : ) So just 2 things so far for Bran from Old Navy. A comical tee and a pair of swim trunks. A small start yes...but a start! And not to forget his Vans. 

A preppy Gap tee in red and navy for Noah. Size 12! This will be perfect for Noah this summer.

And 1 in green too. Plus not to forget Noah has a pair of Gap shorts already. Just 1 pair so far.. but it is a start. And I will be buying both the kids more stuff in a week or two. 
In America the school year starts in August or September. But in Japan it starts for us in April. So, brand new undies for Branden! We hit Uniqlo and GU (which is Uniqlo's sister company) one morning Branden and I drove to the city of Inzai after dropping off Noah at school. And we hit Costco for food. I took Bran out to lunch and then we hit GU and then Uniqlo afterwards and then straight back to our town. This was after his JHS graduation obviously. : )

We look for CUTE underwear. Not plain or ugly underwear! Japan sells the coolest underwear for Japanese guys! Some seriously stylish undies. These on the left looks 100% legit like jeans but they're soft underwear. These will be very cool to wear to high school. 

And these ones from GU. Preppy anchors. Navy and white stripes with a red stripe. Hawaiian palms on another pair and another pair is polka dots. 6 brand new pair of underwear is a great start for the start of the new school year. So are we done with summer clothes shopping? Nope not even 1% done. But we're getting there. : )

The other day, after we went to the dentist and to Costco. We hit the Ami Premium Outlet to look for wallets for Branden. We did not see anything we liked. Noboru thought the material, type of leather was very hard and cheap grade of leather at the Coach outlet. Not soft and buttery like his Coach wallet is. And I agreed. So we did not get a wallet for Branden. However we did go to Sony Plaza and the kids wanted some Jalapeno Pringles and so since they both had positive fantastic dental checks ups as always... from the dentist. I bought them each a pack of those and some beef jerky to share. My kids love spicy stuff, clearly...even their beef jerky they picked was peppered. : ) 

I meanwhile picked a bottle of perfume at Sony Plaza. This is #1 as you can see. But, it smells really good and Branden and Noboru were both like...smelling perfumes...and were going through them and like...this stinks...this stinks...this meh...and they both smelled this one and they both went...buy this! And the funny/odd thing is...when they both did this...when Noboru did this Branden was on the opposite side of the store and same for when Branden smelled this Noboru was recharging my electric car at the time... outside. So neither of them knew that the other one loved this same scent. So...since they both felt SO strongly about it and given it was 1400 yen. About US$13. I figured I'd give it a try because I too liked this scent. Noah meanwhile is so kind...that he loves every perfume in the entire store. So...I am always iffy when it comes to his opinion. Because he's just so kind and loves everything. 

Not sure if you can see the bathtub with soapy bubbles picture on the bottle. In Japan..for the most part Japanese women pick and like scented things that smell light and clean. Like almost soapy or fresh... as in just out of the shower type scent. Nothing heavy. Nothing over powering. They go for light and clean scents. And I agree. I like light clean scents too. : )

I also picked up 3 packs of mints. Now ya'll know that I really like mints. I suck about 2 or 3 each day. I now have....lime mint...mango mint...and cinnamon in my bag. And fwiw, the cinnamon is much lighter and less strong than the Altoids cinnamon ones. These ones are really good. The Altoids cinnamon ones were so strong...too strong for me. These cinnamon ones are perfect though. I like them all. : )

Anything else to add? I made a huge pot of pork green chili and a big pot of beans yesterday and we will be having the same thing for dinner tonight. Yum! Anything else to add? We 4 are going to the movies this evening. : )  To see the movie Sing. : )