Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring break fun!!! Going to the movies to see Sing...

Yesterday evening we took the kids to see the movie Sing. Taking the kids to movies in Japan is fairly easy. Because most theaters offer American movies in 2 options, in English the original language of the movie... with just Japanese subtitles for Japanese people. Or dubbed, where they have a Japanese voice over for the entire movie. And yes Japan does make Japanese movies, but we don't watch them. However for American cartoons in Japan (Disney or Pixar etc), it's almost always available in Japanese dubbed with a Japanese voice. I think in the huge cities like Tokyo it must be easy to find a kids movie in English though. Our closest option is all the way in Ikspiari which is about a 2 hour drive from our teeny tiny rural town. So 4 hours round trip. However we will make that trip twice a year. However...I was looking online yesterday and was shocked to see Sing playing in English at Narita Humax (a movie theater in Narita city) granted it's a 30 minute drive for us to where our town is located...but not so far. So we went and enjoyed that. The only time Sing played in English was just once a day at 8:30pm. They however show Japanese dubbed versions of Sing every 2 hours. : )   
I would very much like to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie. I think it's out in America already, but not for us in Japan until April 21st or so. But little known's my most favorite Disney movie of all time. I *love* the cartoon version of Beauty and the Beast. I also remember watching the old black and white version in my French class in middle school, lol. Belle is also my favorite Disney princess. And I happen to love Emma Watson, she's incredible. She was fantastic in The Perks of Being a Wallflower! Absolutely incredible, yes second time I'm calling her incredible...because she is. I also like that's she's intelligent and witty and an activist and cares about issues. So yep...can't wait to see this too. : )

Sing didn't come out for us in Japan until March 17th. Sorry about the insanely blurry picture.  

Yep..we certainly did go and see this last night. March 29th! Ours was in English so it did indeed have subtitles (Japanese subtitles)

A large caramel corn, 4 drinks. I did get a drink, but a small one. And nachos for everyone. I only had about 2 tiny handfuls of caramel corn, and I had no nachos at all, because I am watching what I eat...yet I do want to enjoy some bit of life too. So I did have some but not too much caramel corn. 2 small handfuls. 

Branden and Noah chillin' before the movie. Man...they get along so well!!! They're lucky they have each other. : )

One family about to enjoy a movie at the theater in Narita city. : )

How did we like Sing? It was really good! Adults would like this one and so would kids. All 4 of us enjoyed this so much. It was about 2 hours long it let out around 10:30pm but with the 30 minute drive back to our rural town, we got home around 11pm last night. The kids were exhausted, so they didn't shower...but they brushed their teeth and went straight to their beds. I washed my face in the sink. With a hot soapy wash cloth. And then I pinned my hair up and took a fast shower and just washed my body. Jumped in my sleep tee. And I went to sleep too. Noboru zonked too, we were all pretty sleepy. : )