Saturday, March 25, 2017

Operation "get fit" for summer 2017 is underway! Plus some TV talk...

Does anyone else feel at the end of Winter that they need to lose 7-10 pounds? I always feel like that every end of winter. Granted, I have a treadmill at home and use it 4 days a week. Log my 10,000 steps. And do try to eat sensibly for breakfasts and lunches. But yeah I do enjoy dinner time though. I mean...I don't go for seconds or anything mind you. But, the end of every winter season I feel like...ugh...I need to lose 7-10 pounds! So, every Spring I kick things into gear because...we are a beach and pool loving family. And we spend a lot of our summers at both, so I have no choice but to get in shape because I know I'll be at the beach this summer. So every March...time to get it started. I also want to point out that with weight didn't increase at ALL. It's just...I feel less firm and tight? @_@ And feel the need to get fitter. Also important to note, since my weight did not increase a single pound all winter and I still fit into my ceremony outfit from years past. I did not want to lose any weight until after Branden's JHS graduation. So, since Bran graduated March 9th, I didn't start my diet. Okay I hate that word. I think because it has the word DIE in it. LOL. So...I'll just call it..."operation get fit for summer 2017!!!" So this started officially March 10th. for 1 solid week, I weighed and calorie counted absolutely everything. I was absolutely relentless. They say the average American adult needs to eat 2000 calories everyday to MAINTAIN their weight. And if you want to lose weight, the average American needs to lower that to just 1500 calories a day. Since I am on my mission to get beach ready! My goal each day is 1500 calories each day total, including breakfast, lunch and dinner all for 1500 calories total. This was my lunch one day my first week. A cabbage salad with dressing that I already counted the calories for. @_@ And 2 bananas which I too weighed and counted calories for too. My aim is for 500 calories for BOTH my lunch and dinner and to keep 1000 calories for my dinner if I want. Meaning if I want to enjoy homemade rotisserie (healthier chicken) taquitos and a small side of spanish rice and refried beans, I can and WITHOUT guilt too. I like that I can break up my 1500 calories each day...however *I* want. I enjoy the flexibility. 

My breakfast from that week. Bananas are insanely healthy and good for you and really low calorie, 1 medium banana is just 90 calories. And these teeny tiny coconut yogurts are BAE. And of course calorie counting the crunch I add to my yogurt. 

I absolutely do not mind eating the same thing for breakfast every morning. The routine doesn't bother me, granted some people it would drive them nuts maybe... but I view breakfasts and lunches more as fuel for my body, meaning not to die and my dinners I look at more as... a thing to be enjoyed with my fam-bam. I know exactly how many calories are in my breakfast. And it means I can enjoy a nice dinner. Sensible dinner of course... but a scrumptious one. 

What has been the hardest thing for me about "operation get fit 2017" the low carbing I'm doing! I'm trying to go as low carb as I possibly can. However for me personally it's so super freakin' hard because as an American girl/woman/ person especially in Colorado where cattle, beef and pork was so cheap growing up. I grew up eating meat and potatoes for supper and we always had a stack of (Wonderbread) white bread buttered in the center of our dinner table and of course we'd have fresh veggies on the side and peach cobbler or peach crisp from our peach tree in the backyard. Or biscuits. Or Crescent rolls in a big dish covered inside a cloth in the center of the table. So yeah...growing up where dinner always had a stack of buttered bread in the center of the table or biscuits or crescent rolls in the center. And of course potatoes were always on the table too and if not then pasta was there. Pasta for our family is a staple. I can't stress that enough. We had pasta at least twice a week, maybe 3 times a week, I'm not kidding. We never really ate rice in my house growing up and on a rare occasion we was Minute Rice LOL. @_@ But our family was huge bread and potato eaters. So saying all that. For me to more pasta or bread of any kind for me EVER. Geeze you might as well just kill me now, lol! it easy? No. Because pasta and potatoes and bread are life. It's just how I grew up. So is it easy? No. It sucks. But am I doing it? I'm trying. That's why I say...I'm doing low carb...not zero carb. Because I'd be miserable. I used to have a sandwich everyday for lunch. Now I allow myself to have a sandwich twice in a 7 day period. And I of course count the calories of the bread and I only get 1 slice of ham because I'm being rentlentless with my calorie counting. And 1 slice of cheese plus 1 TBS of Miracle Whip. This is what a 200 calorie sandwich looks like. And if I have 2 yogurts for breakfast and 1 cup of Blendy coffee (60 calories) I can have up to a 1000 calories for supper. Granted...I'm not going full hog every dinner. I'm not. But...since I only allow myself 2 sandwiches a week now. I really appreciate them now when I have them. 

Again a sensible lunch. If I totally crash around 2pm. I have been buying the celery at Costco and I have 2 peanut butter celery sticks. Protein, holla!!

To share that I am indeed not going..."mommy's gone wild on my dinner meals." This was snapped last week. Yes, I know my dinner looks meh! And that's okay. : ) I'll be looking mighty *fine* this summer at the beach and that will be reward enough. Anyway...everyone had chicken teriyaki bowls. Teriyaki chicken breast on a bed of rice. I was going to make broccoli but the kids requested corn instead. That night, I felt I didn't really want to have any rice at all. I just didn't want the calories. So, I had 1 small chicken teriyaki breast on a plate and some side of corn and that's it. I also will not allow myself to eat at *all* after 7pm. 

After the first week of extreme weighing of my food and calorie counting. I am no longer doing that. However, because I did do that. I sorta know how many calories my breakfasts are because I am eating the same yogurts and same amount of cereal for crunch and same banana size too. And my lunches are consistent. I eat salad or steamed veggies 5 days a week for lunch. It sucks. It's not fantastic. But, I'm sticking to it. It's not what I *want* to eat but it's what I *have* to eat. And a sensible dinner. I had this last night. I did add rice this time. About 40 grams of rice. Broccoli and a marinated chicken leg quarter. I do allow myself to have soda for dinner twice a week, but so far, I have not had any except when I went out for my birthday dinner. I also love that the calories are readily on the menu at Jolly Pasta so I know I did not exceed the calories I allotted for myself that night. 
If I really get sick of eating salad for lunch, I will have a package of broccoli or corn and this particular afternoon I made some calavacitas (corn and zucchini) I used 3/4 teaspoon (not TBS) of butter when cooking. And very little salt. 

The first week, when I was all weighing and calorie counting. I lost 2 KG. That means for us Americans a little over 4 pounds. 4 pounds and 6.5 ounces to be exact, So 4 pounds would be fair to say. And that was JUST for 7 days. I lost 4 pounds in 7 days. Seeing that huge weight decrease in such a short time frame... definitely fired me up to keep going. Oh and why this picture? This is how much 4 poundsis. This is what 4 pounds looks like. Basically this amount just fell right off my body. Honestly...say what you want...but that's amazing! 4 pounds in 1 week. Holy crap! That's awesome. 

Yet these are great visuals and they are indeed 1 pound bags. 

Then...I stopped insanely calorie counting and weighing but I kept things still as is. And guess what. I lost 3 KG. Total so far now. And yes...that's 6 pounds fellow Americans! Technically 6 pounds 9.8 ounces. But holy cow...6 pounds is a huge weight loss. Like amazing! Oh and I only get on the scale every Thursday. So...I still love carbs. I still have heart eyes when I think of them. It's just...I'm being very low carb right now. And really watching what I eat. I do not think I should allow myself to lose more than 15 pounds... because I'm not a big girl to begin with. I'm a normal sized girl. But...honestly...I can only imagine what I will look like or how much I will have lost by the time Branden has his high school entrance ceremony. Beach...pools, I am waiting for you! : )
The Facts of Life comes on one of my cable channels. And I try to get all my daily house stuff out of the way before it comes on. This show was my favorite growing up. And so, I enjoy watching this a couple times a week. My favorite character on here was Jo!: )
I do like to watch ghost shows sometimes. Like, "A Haunting" or Paranormal Lockdown. My Ghost Story and Kindred Spirits are my 4 favorites. However a new one just started and it's called Ghost Brothers! Three guys go hunting for ghosts. They visit haunted locations. One of the guys is this guy right here...his name is Juwan. 

These 3 guys right here. And see the right hand bottom corner it says...All new Ghost Brothers. On the TLC channel. I love this show. It's so funny! OMG, these guys crack me up! My dad is even watching this show now too! 

These 3 are always trying to scare each other...meaning the other team members. For example, 1 of them left a creepy doll on the darkened stairs and so when the 2 were about to walk the purely dark stairs, the flashlight hit that creepy doll and he was like..."nope I'm gonna bounce!!!" I was dying laughing! This show is hilarious. Then another time these 3 were in a basement of a known haunted house, pictured here and one was using his ghost detector and the green dots near the guy was a ghost! And so he says..."Umm I'm sorry to tell you Juwan but I think there is a ghost right next to you!!!!" He was like WHAT??? Bye I'm outta here. And another time one of the guys said..."hi ghost, if you're in this house will you please touch one of us, so we know you're here" The other guys goes..."Umm speak for yourself, do NOT touch me...touch him!!!"

What else have I been watching? Well The Blacklist isn't on right now. I think the seasons over. And the new ones come back in April? However a new show is on and it's called. The Blacklist: Redemption. Tom is the star or main character and while I *love* the original Blacklist. With James Spader. This new one with the character Tom as the main character sucks. I miss the regular Blacklist. This is apparently a spin off. I watched 1 or 2 episodes but I'm not digging this spin-off Blacklist: Redemption at all. Tom's okay as a side character but he can't carry a whole show! Prison Break is also been rebooted too. Yes, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is alive! Anyway that's enough for now.

Noah's started Spring break Friday at 11am. Noboru picked him up at school since I was at the hair salon. And I brought the kids back some lunch on the way home, since I was in the city. McD's is a rare treat since we don't have one in our town. I had a salad at home. So everyone is our house is on Spring break. No school. And we're just enjoying time here at home. I had yogurt for breakfast this morning. Although I made everyone else pancakes. And a salad for lunch. However, I am having some chicken alfredo with fettucini and some broccoli florets at home tonight and I am so exited. : ) LOL. Have a good Sunday everyone. : )