Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017...

Did everyone have a nice Valentine's Day? We did. It of course was typically very low key. But then again... ya'll know that's so *us* and our style anyway. : ) This is going to be a super short post. This bag held Noboru's Valentine's Day gift from me. Yes it came from the Loft. 

The thing I love about Japan... is they have free gift wrapping and wrapped it up and everything in under like 3 minutes. I even got to pick up the blue color of the gift bag and the label. : ) They had different color gift bags and different styled labels too all for free... since I purchased the cup there. : ) 

We don't go super fancy here at our house. We go for practical and more of...it's the thought that counts. : )  I knew...Noboru definitely needed a new coffee mug for here at home. His is like 15 years old. It's been chipped twice because of him dropping it on accident twice in 14-15 years. So he definitely needed a replacement. However...I wanted one that reminded me of Noboru. One that when you saw it... you thought instantly...wow that's *so* Noboru. Do you know what I mean? Does that make sense? So, I have been quietly looking for a coffee cup for Noboru since the beginning of January. I checked 2 Starbucks. I would have loved a Starbucks one myself. But...it didn't seem to say or remind me of....Noboru at all. I looked high...I looked low. I looked everywhere. I checked malls in Inzai. Malls in Ibaraki. Remember when I went to the closing sale of Old Navy and didn't buy anything? Yep...I even checked way back then for a coffee cup. I was talking to a girl friend of mine 2 weeks ago... who lives in Ibaraki. And she suggested I check Loft. And so...we were going to the mall anyways....and so I checked in there. And sure enough. This is *so* Noboru. And when I see this cup at home...I know this isn't any one's in this houses cup but HIS. And I knew he would love it. I put...so much thought and effort looking for the perfect coffee cup for him and I knew instantly as soon as I saw this...yes he would love it. It only cost 1200 yen. About $11 US. And that shouldn't and...it doesn't matter. What matters is...I knew he would love it. And when he unwrapped it Valentine's morning. He instantly smiled and he totally loves it. So that made me happy. Finding my sweetie pie... something he needed and would love. And it's a simple gift too. : ) 
My 2 sons! My kiddos. I never forget them. And I never go all out. It's just...I like to buy them a little something something. You know what I mean. Just a little something to brighten their V-Day and let them know..."mom loves you! And she always has your back!" : )  The Little Fujiya heart is like a Mr. Goodbar. And the gold box has a good little variety and assortment of little chocolates. And they were really happy to not have been forgotten by me. And nope...they weren't! : ) 
What did Noboru get me for Valentine's Day this year? He bought me a box of my favorite chocolates in the world...they're available in Japan but he bought them at Costco in Japan. I love these so much. We all thought of each other. We all kept things super low key as always. And we all really enjoyed Valentine's Day at our house. I made a really good dinner. And we just relaxed and watched good TV after dinner. Anyway...I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day too.  : )