Saturday, February 04, 2017

Lunch with Noah. 3 Costco trips. The Girl on the Train DVD. And lunch and Starbucks with my friends...

Just some more miscellaneous random pics from January and 1 from February 1st from our daily life. You know just regular everyday type stuff. : ) Noah had a half day this day at school. Branden was having a full day at JHS, so he was at school. Usually we will have lunch at home, however on this day, I decided let's do something fun. And so, as soon as Noah came out of school at 11am. I picked him up and we drove to the little city nearest our town. And we went and had lunch. There was a special deal they were selling at KFC. 2 chicken breast sandwiches, 1 order of french fries and 1 order of 10 chicken nuggets all for 1,000 yen. I had 1 sandwich and Noah had the rest. Since he's a growing boy. And we talked and enjoyed our lunch together that day. : )

This was the day after Noah and I went to KFC. This was taken on January 11th. And I went to Costco Chiba-New Town that morning first thing. Bright and early, as soon as it opened. I picked up milk- a 2 pack, my boys drink milk like CRAZY, they go through so many cartons a week. And a huge pack of tortillas, these tortillas are delicious, I love them and they're so cheap in price for how many you get. And maple pecan danish for a busy weekday morning breakfast. A glass of milk, a danish and a yogurt for the boys the next day for breakfast, meanwhile I busily packed up some sandwiches and that week, I think I made a big container of potato salad versus mac salad that week. So they took sammy's and a small container of potato salad and a side of fresh fruit. For their lunch. 

Sometimes I go once a week to Costco, sometimes I go every 2 weeks. This was what I purchased January 25th. A huge 2 pack of shredded cheddar and jack cheese. I use this when whipping up some gratin/scalloped potatoes from scratch. Homemade macaroni and cheese. I also use this in my enchiladas or on my tostadas. This cheese has so many uses and so it is always something I keep on hand at my home. Rotisserie chicken. 1 pack of bacon, we have bacon for a Saturday breakfast twice a month. We don't eat bacon every day or every week... but yes we totally do eat bacon here twice a month. We don't live Charlie Bucket lives of torture around here. We enjoy eating good delicious things around here at our house and we're all extremely active and healthy! : ) Fresh pasta. Pasta sauce. Shrimp. This shrimp is such a fantastic deal. I know, I live in Japan and can get shrimp anywhere. But this shrimp is such a fantastic price for the amount we get. This one bag of shrimp, I get 2 meals from it. And it's 2,000 yen for the big bag of shrimp. So it amounts to 1 dinner of ebi fry (fried shrimp) costs just 1,000 yen $US 10 dollars. Which considering how many shrimp Branden gets to eat and Noboru gets to eat and I eat shrimp too. Considering we get 2 meals worth of shrimp for 1,000 yen each dinner. That's too good a deal to pass up. Plus the shrimp is peeled. It's de-pooped or deveined if that word is easier for your mind. So it just makes preparing it even easier...than if I would have bought it with shells and poop line/vein. 

These pizzas are really good for a restful Saturday lunch at home. : )  

Deveined, peeled, chemical free. And at such a great price. Considering the huge amount you get, this is quite the bargain. Especially if you have a hungry teenager in the house. And 2 growing boys. Though my littlest boy doesn't like shrimp yet. So, I prepare Noah a chicken cutlet on nights we eat this. : ) 
February 1st. This was right after we went and ordered Bran's high school uniform. Just a case of eggs. Mozzarella cheese for many Italian dishes I make here at home. And tortillas again. And they give out this magazine once in a while. 
The Girl on the Train DVD came to my home about 2 weeks ago. It was a popular book. My thoughts on the DVD? I honestly...hated it. It was so freakin' slow. Like the first hour...just churned so slowly. It was slower than a snails pace. I literally 2 times during the first hour thought about stopping the DVD. The story just went nowhere for the LONGEST time. It's just she's sad, she's sad. She's having memories. She's an alcoholic so are her memories even real. She's having flashbacks. She's sad again. More memories. For an hour..I was thinking...WTH. Seriously I thought...what in the hell is this? Is something going to finally happen? Or is this just going to be 2 hours of...sadness and flashbacks. Finally the last 30 minutes. She finally remembers what she needs to and I was like...FINALLY the movie is finally moving along. But yep. Would I watch it again? Not by choice. I mean...if a friend came over and said can we watch it? I'd be like....sure. But would I watch it next month or something? Nope. There was so much buzz about the book and about the movie, I bought it sight unseen. And honestly, I regret it. But I'm human and not perfect. I'm sure most of ya'll have seen it already. But if you haven't. Please just rent it. Don't make the same mistake, I did. : ) Aww, live and learn, I guess. : )  
My girl friends and I went to have Indian for lunch. And after that, we went and had a few hour chit chat at Starbucks. 

We 3 are thinking about going to a movie real soon. We really enjoy each others company. It's so nice to have such good friends!